Rainy River/Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

Yesterday marked the end of the 2020 – 21 Lake of The Woods walleye season. What a year to look back on. The pandemic. Riots. The election. And everything in-between. One thing remained constant through all of that.  It brought all of us together and showed us that there is hope. It gave us piece of mind while offering an escape from all of life’s struggles and ugliness. 

That one thing, of course, was fishing! Through open water onto the ice and back in fresh ice out open water, Lake of The Woods and Rainy River provided beyond her rich and valuable resources. Looking back, we had a great year with many trophies and personal best fish landed. Even more of Mother Nature’s bounty found its way into a frying pan by a campfire filling our bellies. Yes, the walleye season endured, overcame and even outperformed the best expectations on many levels. 

For sure worth a quiet reflection and look back tip of the hat. Turning our focus to the monster sturgeon that are currently being caught we begin to realize this fishery never stops providing. The current weather conditions are not the best however the fishing continues to drop jaws daily. We have seen pictures and listened to stories of the biggest sturgeon and the longest fights and personal bests. And just then, we hear of the very biggest and even still… bigger. Once again, if you are an experienced sturgeon fisherman or never have tried it but would like to give it a shot, now is the time. We have plenty of availability and can even arrange a charter if needed. We are currently running a mid-week 35% off our menu pricing cabin rates specials and have open weekend availability as well. In addition, the weather is beginning to turn for the better. Sunny days and mild temperatures will be upon us here at River Bend Resort before we know it. Give us a call and we will get on your next trip of a lifetime.  


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