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Lake of the Woods is the “Walleye Capital of the World”. Spring, summer, fall, and winter offer fishing that is second to none! From charter boats during open water season, to heated ice shacks during hard water season, we have what you need to fish on this majestic body of water. Bring a change of clothes, and we can take care of the rest.
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Our simple a-la-carte pricing allows flexible packages for the open water season and package deals make the ice fishing season a great time to come up. 

No matter where you stay, you can fish at River Bend Resort all-year round. 

Choose from our budget-friendly Walleye Inn Motel or our famous Resort to create the package that works best for you and your crew. 

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Open Water Fishing

On Lake of the Woods & the Rainy River

Charter Fishing & Guide Services

Show Up and Fish

Our charter experience differs significantly from the typical boat experience on smaller lakes in Minnesota. Opting for a larger boat charter on Lake of the Woods provides anglers with the opportunity to explore the vast expanse of the lake comfortably, reaching distant fishing spots that may be impractical with smaller vessels.

Our US Coast Guard-certified captains are great guides who know the hot spots, and our charter boats come equipped with advanced navigation and fish-finding technology, enhancing the overall fishing experience. In contrast, smaller lakes typically necessitate smaller boats, limiting the range of exploration.

While smaller lakes may offer a more intimate and peaceful setting, the larger boat charter on Lake of the Woods opens up possibilities for a more extensive and diverse fishing adventure.

Lake of the Woods Private Charter Fishing

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fishing adventure

Big Boat Charter


1/2 Day


Full Day

Small Boat Charter


Full or Half Day

Bring Your Own Boat


Slip Rental

All Lake of the Woods Charter Fishing pricing includes: Bait, Rod & Reel, Tackle, and Fish Cleaning. 

We keep it simple with a one price guarantee. We do NOT add a fuel surcharge.

Add-On Options:
Meal Plan – $55/person per day

Please call our reservation specialists or fill out our inquiry form if you are looking for Charter Boat options.
Rainy River

Sturgeon Season

Looking for a unique fishing experience catching large lake sturgeon? We’ve created a comprehensive guide on sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River. 

Species & Season

types of fish in Lake of the Woods & Rainy River

For additional information about area fish, seasons or limits please visit this page on the MN Department of Natural Resources website.

Lake of the Woods

Ice Fishing Information

We go to great lengths to ensure all anglers have a comfortable and exciting ice fishing adventure. Whether you choose to stay the night in a sleeper house, or in a resort cabin/hotel room and rent a day house, you’ll have a great time on the ice.
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FAQs on Lake of the Woods Fishing and Charter Services at River Bend Resort

Lake of the Woods offers a vast expanse of freshwater teeming with diverse fish species, making it a top fishing destination in Minnesota. It’s much larger than nearby lakes, and known as the Walleye Capital of the World.

Yes, we provide top-notch charter fishing services to ensure guests have a memorable angling experience.

Our US Coast Guard OUPV licensed captains have all the knowledge and experience to provide a successful day or days on the water.

While we provide most fishing gear, guests should bring personal items like sunglasses, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing.

Our charter captains are allowed to take up 6 people on each boat. Please contact us with specific numbers for more details.

Not at all! Our charter services cater to both beginners and seasoned anglers.

Our charters are set up to target mainly Walleye and sauger, but during the peak of Northern Pike and Sturgeon seasons, we have guides available that target these species specifically. Please call for their availability.

We offer a range of trip durations, from half-day 4.5 hr. excursions and full-day 8-9 hr. adventures. Check out our packages for more information.

Absolutely! Our charters provide a family-friendly experience. Kids love the thrill of catching fish in Lake of the Woods.

Yes, guests can keep their catch within the state’s regulations and limits. Our guides will assist in ensuring compliance.

Yes, we provide all the fresh and appropriate bait for the type of fish you’re targeting. All fishing and charter packages booked include bait.

Certainly! We can customize charter packages based on your preferences and needs. The limit of the number of people per boat is up 6 ppl. No more than 6 on each boat. This limit is set by the United States Coast Guard.

Yes, a Minnesota fishing license is required. We can guide you on obtaining one if needed.

Safety is our top priority. All charters are equipped with safety gear, and our captains are trained in safety procedures. We also follow the state and federal safety guidelines that are enforced and regulated by US Coast Guard.

Simply visit our website or contact our resort directly to book your charter fishing trip.

Some packages include food and refreshments from our Bar & Grill. Please check package details at the time of booking or inquire about adding them to your trip.

Yes, for those looking for an extended fishing adventure, we offer multi-day charter packages.

Certainly! All of our charter packages include fish cleaning in our daily rate.

River Bend Resort combines experienced guides, prime fishing locations, and top-tier amenities, ensuring an unparalleled fishing experience on Lake of the Woods. We handle everything for you so you and your group can simply show up and fish.