Girls Gone Fishing
Annual Women's Fishing Tournament
On Lake of the Woods

What started out as an idea of getting all the girls together for a little fishing fun and competition, has remained just that… 

However, over the past several years it has grown into the event not to miss. 

River Bend’s “Girls Gone Fishing” is not only a fishing tournament… It is a costume contest, a “Best Guide” competition, and a “Best Decorated Boat” extravaganza!! 

It has become THE event of ALL events this side of the Mississippi and this far north of the lower 48!!

Rally up the ladies and come join the fun!

2025 Update – Please Note:

We have not yet finalized all the plans for our 2025 event. 

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Below is information on our past events.

2024 River Bend's 11th Annual
"Girls Gone Fishing" Event

May your hats be big...
Your mint juleps fine...
Hey all you ladies...
It's fishing derby time!

Tournament Date: June 1st

Rules Meeting: May 31st at 7:00 PM

$250 Per Team: Entry fee includes meal, door prize tickets, and tournament shirt.

Prizes throughout the weekend include: best dressed Kentucky Derby team, best-decorated boat, best-dressed guide, top guide, horse race winners, and more.

Registration can be picked up at River Bend Resort, The Walleye Inn, filled out below and sent electronically, or downloaded below and mailed in with your entry fee.

2024 Itinerary

Friday, May 31st

5-7pm:   Registration

7-7:15pm:   Welcome/Rules Meeting

7:15-8pm:   Horse Racing Games (River Side)

8pm-Midnight:   Music & Bonfire

Saturday, June 1st

8-8:55am:   Boat Inspections River Bend Docks

8:55am:   National Anthem

9am:   Boats Released & Girls Gone Fishing Tournament Begins!

4pm:   Boats Must Be At (or in sight of) River Bend Docks

4-5pm:   Weigh-Ins

5pm:   Group Picture in Tourney Shirts (Hill Side in Front of Cabin 4)

5:15-6pm:   Break to Change Into Costume (Kentucky Derby Theme)

6-8pm:   Fish Fry (Bring your ticket to the bar to get it stamped)

7:30pm:   Awards & Raffle 

8:30-1am:   Band

Tournament Rules

Any Persons wishing to participate in the annual Girls Gone Fishing tournament must abide by these tournament rules. We reserve the right to disqualify any persons that may deviate from these rules. Any questions regarding the rules can be answered by the Tournament Director (Paul Johnson). The Tournament Director has final decision over all tournament issues.


All anglers must abide by Minnesota Fishing Regulations that apply to Lake of the Woods.

MN Fishing regulations are available at


Boundaries include the Minnesota side of Lake of the Woods and Rainy River.


All participating anglers must have a valid Minnesota Fishing License.


This tournament is for any female anglers 16 and older. Female anglers may be guided by a male or female guide, but in no way is the guide to help the anglers net, reel, bait, ect. Please see Guide Assistance for further clarification.


The tournament will run from 9AM until 4PM. The Director reserves the right to change the hours based on the number of teams.


Your guide may assist in unhooking a deep hooked fish once landed by the angler to ensure the safe and immediate release of non-qualifying fish.


Guides will not be allowed to fish during the tournament unless they are a tournament participant.


This is not a catch and release tournament (you may clean your fish). All fish must be killed following weigh in regardless of condition, due to anticipated delayed mortality. Fish may be weighed in alive or dead.  You are responsible for cleaning your own fish unless you have a guide through River Bend then your guide will clean them for you.


We will be allowing only teams of 2 female anglers (16 or older). You may have more than one team per boat. Please be sure to follow all USCG Minnesota State Boating rules regarding boat passengers. Each team needs a nominated team leader.


At least one angler per team must attend the Check In and Rules Meeting, held at 6PM the evening prior to the tournament, in order to participate. Not attending the meeting without prior arrangements with the Tournament Director will automatically forfeit your team without refund.


Poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated. This is a competitive tournament set in fun nature. We will not allow any negativity surrounding the tournament. Again, in all matters regarding sportsmanship the Tournament Director has final decision.


River Bend’s Girls Gone Fishing Tournament is a walleye and sauger combination tournament. (due to state of MN tournament rule changes) No other species will qualify.


Team limit is 6 (follow Lake of the Woods slot limit) with only one over 28 inches per team allowed. No sharing or pooling of limits is aloud if more than one team is on a boat. Culling is prohibited. Teams may possess only 6 Walleye/Sauger (combination) fish total. One person daily limit. No more than 4 of the fish can be walleye.


In the event of a tie in weight, a coin toss will determine the winner.


• River Bend Resort, and/or any other affiliates will take no responsibility for any material damage or personal injury that may occur in association with the event or travel to and from the event.

• All photos submitted or taken by the organizers become property of the event and can be used for future publications.


“These ladies take fun to the extreme with costumes, decorated boats, and participate in quite a few other activities… All in the name of women having fun inside of a little friendly competition that has grown to pay out fairly big prizes!”

Brandi Johnson

Tournament Organizer & River Bend Resort Owner 

Results From Past Events

June 3rd 2023 saw the running of the 10th Annual Girls Gone Fishing tournament held by River Bend Resort located on the Rainy River towards the northern end of Wheelers Point, MN. What started out as a lighthearted outing between just a hand full of women has turned into a two-day extravaganza.

“Participants are not only fishing in a tournament,”  Says tournament organizer and River Bend Resort owner Brandi Johnson. “These ladies take fun to the extreme with costumes, decorated boats, and participate in quite a few other activities” Brandi continues “All in the name of women having fun inside of a little friendly competition that has grown to pay out fairly big prizes”.

Below are the photos and results of the 2023 Girls Gone Fishing Tournament:

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