Rainy River Fishing Report

As of just this past weekend (March 13th – 14th) all ice houses have been removed from Lake of The Woods. Attention is now focused on the Rainy River and for good reason. She is opening up and ice is moving out quickly. Though the Rainy is opening and beginning to flow more and more each day, the landings from Wheelers Point through Baudette are still locked up. However, just yesterday we received a report that the launch at Birchdale has been completely cleared by the county and is ready to launch boats. Frontier will naturally be the next to open and by the time of this posting it very well could be. We will be certain to keep you posted. 

As for the fishing, the early birds that are wetting a line are saying it’s been fantastic. Consistent slot fish between 19” and 20” and a few over 28” are being excitedly reported. With continued mild weather it will not be long before the water temperature flips the magical switch. Landing a real Rainy River trophy walleye will be in reach sooner than expected this year. Adding to the excitement of this year’s forecasted early trophy season is the fact that the water levels are extremely low in the tributaries, Little Fork and Big Fork Rivers. This means the waters of the Rainy will run cleaner without the muddy push of water that usually flows from them. All this has many anglers excited to get the boat wet and wrestle with some Lake of The Woods monsters that return to spawn each spring season. 

And let’s not forget the sturgeon that are just laying on the bottom waiting to hit your rig. Talk about a trophy of a lifetime. If there was ever a time where you wanted to try your angling skills during the early trophy season you could not ask for better conditions. Please let us know if you are in need of a sturgeon guide. River Bend Resort should be able to accommodate you. We are encouraging any anglers wishing to take advantage such a great forecast to stay at our Walleye Inn located in Baudette, MN. Due to our central location all of the landings along the Rainy River are within easy striking distance. The Walleye Inn offers economical and comfortable accommodations and has ample parking space for your boat and truck. 

In addition to making things even easier for you, a very good friend of ours, Nicole Stone, has published the ultimate DIY guide to the Rainy River entitled “Rainy River Walleye: Catch the Fish of Your Dreams this Spring (Full Guide!)”. Nicole has visited our fishery in years past chasing these big walleye and has put together the best and most inclusive guide we’ve seen to date. Her published guide can be found by clicking here. Need more information? You can find an interactive map of Rainy River boat launches by clicking this link… Rainy River boat launches

Pictures From Birchdale Landing March 17, 2021


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Rainy River Fishing Report

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