Lake of The Woods, MN Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods, MN Fishing Report June 1, 2023. The walleye have become more active with the rising water temperatures. Adding to the fact that the fishing has already been fantastic over this past week. Regardless, they have to feed to breed. Speaking of the spawn, some walleyes are still spawning while others are well past that point.

Some walleyes have moved into slightly deeper water out on the lake. Most are being found in the 15-to-28-foot range. The tactic that is hot remains vertical jigging. Anglers are anchoring up and using a shiner of fathead to tip their jig setup. Bright colors gold, glow pink, orange, chartreuse are working very well. 

We have received some reports that drifting spinners and trolling shallow diving crankbaits has begun to pick up good numbers of fish. Especially along the southern shoreline in front of Pine Island. Gold has been the go-to color for both. A mixed bag catch continues including walleye, sauger, pike, perch, and crappie.

Typical main channel spots on the Rainy remain a starting point for the river fishermen. Finding the backwater and current breaks along the shoreline and in the bay has produced a nice catch. Including some very nice walleyes. 

Happy anglers who practice safe boating abound all over the fishery with cheerful smiles and limits of fish to clean. If you are booking a charter with us rest assured, you are in good hands. And if you are planning on bringing your own boat, we encourage you to practice safety. 

Always remember slow navigation on the river is a great habit for safe boating practices. Especially while boating past the resorts. Please be respectful and do not go over idle speed.  A “no wake” zone helps to eliminate any damage to the docks and boats. Slow speeds on the river also increases the stability of our fishery’s spawning grounds as well as helps diminish erosion to her banks. 

In addition we have prepared a video on how to safely navigate your way from the river and 4 Mile Bay through the gap and on into the lake. Please click this link.

Saturday Night Fish Frys have begun and will continue throughout the summer.  Bargo has also started and will continue every Sunday from 3 to 5PM for the summer season. AND we are hosting the 10th annual “Girls Gone Fishing Event & Tournament” this weekend. If you haven’t signed up – you still have time. Rules meeting will begin at 6:PM on Friday June 2nd and the tournament kicks off at 8AM Saturday morning from our docks. Live music both nights – fun and games throughout the weekend. It’s going to be a great summer – make yourself a part of it!

Give us a call and we will do the rest… One Call (or click) Gets You Away from It All!! Family owned and operated. Where you are treated like family – because we ARE family. 

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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