Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report May 25, 2023. Over this past week we have witnessed Mother Nature stabilize into a spring pattern. With that has come notable fishing techniques that has landed a mixed bag catch across the Lake of The Woods fishery spectrum. 

Rainy River continues to fill the cooler with limits of fish. Successful anglers are locating fish in current breaks adjacent to the shoreline. Near the mouth and in the main body of Fourmile Bay has been producing as well. 

Anglers are reporting that when they do locate fish in these slack water areas of the river and bay, they will find them in good numbers. Start shallow in about 4 foot of water and continue along the drop-offs out to about 18 feet. Most are jigging with brightly colored heads tipped with a live or frozen minnow with very good success.

Out along the south shoreline of the big water, many anglers are having success anchored up and jigging. Tip your setup with a shiner or fathead. Use head colors of gold, pink, orange, chartreuse or any combination of these colors. Don’t be afraid to try white and solid black. 

This time of the season the walleye will be scattered from 3 to 31 feet of water. Always try shallow first and then work your way out. If you find yourself having trouble locating good numbers of fish here is a good recommendation. Troll a shallow diving crankbait that resembles a crawfish (brown/orange). 

Start in 5 foot of water and maintain about 2.5 mph along the shoreline. Work out to around 16 feet and you will eventually find lots of fish. This has been not only locating where some of the schools are but catching great numbers of fish as well. Notably over the shallower sandy areas.

Looking across the spectrum of areas to fish and the techniques used, there has been a lot of good fish landed this past week. The mixed bag consisted of walleye, sauger, perch, northern pike, and sturgeon. Nicer weather is headed our way which will further stabilize a solid routine of fishing. 

With a few open spots left, we would love for you to join us for fun and relaxation over this holiday weekend. keep in mind that our Saturday Night Fish Frys will be starting up again beginning on Saturday May 27th, Bargo will start on Sunday May 28th. It’s going to be a great summer – make yourself a part of it!

Give us a call and we will do the rest… One Call or “Click” Gets You Away from It All!! 

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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