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Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report October 6, 2022. The Lake of The Woods fall trophy fishing pattern continues to build and gain momentum. The fishery experienced an early shiner run but the big run should be soon as the water temperature drops a few more degrees. 

The best part of fishing this time of year is you never know exactly what you are going to catch. Jumbo perch, crappy, big northern pike, and sturgeon all make up a nice mixed bag. And of course, it’s a given that the chances of catching a true Lake of The Woods trophy walleye are drastically increased right now.

Anglers are reporting that the walleye are staging along the southern shoreline with most targeting 18 – 25 feet of water. 

Jigging with a live minnow has been the go-to and most effective. Jig colors, try gold combined with orange, glow white, glow red, pink, or chartreuse. 

Most have been anchored up just outside the gap and jigging with a fathead or shiner. Live shiners are available at all the local bait shops. Since shiners are the current forage, they are very effective. 

Out deeper, anglers are still pulling crankbaits with success. As water cools, slowing trolling speed down to 1.5 to 2 mph is the reported sweet spot. Silver, blue, white or a combination of those colors have had the most success. 

Don’t be afraid to shake it up and use a perch or crawfish colored crankbait. Sometimes the big girls will go for some meatier forage just before the spawn. 

On the Rainy River, shiners are continuing their annual run up the river in massive cloud like schools. With the continuous run of shiners is the persistent number of walleyes growing in greater numbers with each passing day. The chances of landing a trophy walleye of a lifetime are outstanding this time of year.

From Four Mile Bay to Baudette and east, walleyes are showing up.  You will not have to hit very many spots to find them.

Fish are moving through.  Just keep a look out for clouds of emerald shiners, drop your rig in the middle and hang on. You will be among the “Fall Anglers of The North” crew in no time.

Of course trust your instincts and fish holes, current breaks, and even the flats as they are all holding walleyes right now.  Jigging with frozen shiners is the most common technique, especially when fishing structure. Trolling cranks in the river is also catching walleyes.

Cooler water is getting sturgeon more active.  Most anglers are fishing the deep holes of the river.  The deepest is right out in front of River Bend Resort. With decreased current, a 3 or 4-ounce weight has been sufficient combined with a sturgeon rig loaded with crawlers or crawlers and frozen shiners added in.

As the water temps begin to fall into the mid to lower 50’s the pattern will change to a more aggressive bite as the late open water season progresses. This will fall in line with the noted shiner run that is also stimulated by the cooler water. 

As you may have already guessed, a lot of fish have been caught over this past week. And it’s getting better each day. It has even been reported that as the shiner run rages on, folks are having a good time catching lots of fish right off the docks during the evening hours.

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Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{ 


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