Minnesota hunting seasons

Minnesota Hunting Seasons: Best of Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods may be a hub for reeling in walleyes, but for those that enjoy a challenge on land, it’s the place to be for Minnesota hunting seasons. Throughout late summer, grouse hunting is a popular attraction. However, waterfowl and large game hunting seasons are just around the corner! Let’s take a look at what the Lake of the Woods area has to offer for Minnesota hunting seasons.

Waterfowl Hunting Lake of the Woods MinnesotaMinnesota hunting seasons

A location like Baudette, MN is perfect for waterfowl hunting. With miles of lake shoreline and river banks, there are numerous areas that host prime elements for targeting everything from ducks to geese. The Minnesota hunting seasons for waterfowl are divided up into segments of the state; north, central, and south. Though some dates are statewide, the Lake of the Woods area follows the North section regulations. 

Early Teals are available statewide from September 3rd-7th. Ducks, coots, and mergansers are available in the northern section of the state from September 24th through November 22. Geese have a statewide early season from September 3rd through September 18th, and a regular season for the northern portion of the state from September 24th through December 23rd. 

Waterfowl limits vary from species to species, so always double check the Minnesota DNR website for limits and any other important hunting regulations MInnesota may have. This will help ensure that you don’t run into any snags and can have a successful and carefree outing. 

Minnesota hunting seasonsMinnesota Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is an extremely popular fall experience across the midwest and is especially prominent in Northern Minnesota. Whether you prefer archery or firearms, Minnesota has seasons for most forms of hunting. The main things you will want to double check on before you head out are what can be used when and what limits are for the area you are hunting in. You can find seasons for things like archery, muzzleloader, youth, early antlerless, and more on the MN DNR website

Minnesota is a non-bait state, but has an abundance of deer across the entire state that are seen so often that they are considered pests by many. Your chances of landing a shot is pretty likely considering the area’s high population. There are several areas open for hunting, but if you aren’t sure of exactly where you can post up, check out the various hunter walking trails in the area. They are well-maintained and open to the public. 

Bear Hunting Lake of the Woods Minnesota

One season that isn’t common in every state but is still a widely sought after experience is bear hunting. This is one form of hunting that should definitely be researched before heading out into the north woods. 

The bear season runs from September 1st through October 16th and has quite a few different licensing options based on what you are planning to do. Things like bear baiting require additional licensure, so be sure to carefully review hunting regulations through the Minnesota DNR. If you are new to bear hunting or haven’t hunted in the area yet, there are guides on how to safely seek bears through the DNR as well. 

Hunting Regulations MinnesotaMinnesota hunting seasons

The number one thing that all hunters should do before heading out for the Minnesota hunting seasons is check in with the state regulations. From getting the correct permits to making sure you are properly disposing carcass remains, give them a quick overview. There is nothing worse than having a trip turn south because of something that was easily avoidable. The Minnesota DNR has a full hunting regulation guide with all the information you need for an incredible experience without any unexpected obstacles.

The Perfect Minnesota Resort for Your Hunting Trip

Many hunters have historically “roughed it” in accommodations that do little to keep you out of the elements. When you head out on a hunting trip to Lake of the Woods Minnesota, you will find yourself enjoying a cozy cabin life once dusk hits and it’s time to turn in for the night. River Bend Resort has multiple options for accommodations that give you the northern cabin experience without needing to go without the comforts of home. Grab a drink and a hot meal at Miles Lab Bar and Grill, relax around the campfire, and sleep soundly in a warm bed. Minnesota hunting seasons don’t get much better than this.


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