Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 

Lake of the Woods Fishing Report August 10th, 2023

Lake of the Woods fishing resorts provide ample opportunities for anglers to experience the joy of catching walleye. Despite the heat of August, the fishing has been exceptional, with one guide noting that although the fish may not be in their usual spots, they can still be found with a little effort.

To successfully locate the walleye, two summer patterns have proven effective: spinners and crankbaits. Drifting spinners with bait such as fathead, frozen emerald shiner, or crawler has yielded positive results. In the absence of wind, trolling slowly at around 1.25 mph ensures the spinner blade continues to spin and covers more water. Using a one hook harness with minnows or a two hook harness with a crawler is recommended. Experimenting with different colors, such as gold, gold/red, or gold/pink, can help determine the most effective bait.

Trolling crankbaits has also been successful in catching walleye. Methods such as downriggers, leadcore line, snap weights, 4 oz. bottom bouncers with a 6′ leader, or deep diving crankbaits with braided line can be employed to reach deeper water where walleye tend to gather. Depths of around 30 – 36 feet in the basin have proven to be particularly fruitful.

Various reefs in Lake of the Woods have continued to produce walleye catches. Depending on the day, fish may be found on top of the reef, on the sides, or at the base where the rock transitions to mud. On certain days, they may even be located over mud just off the reef. Utilizing electronic fish finders can greatly enhance the chances of locating these elusive fish.

In addition to walleye, anglers have also reported successful catches of big pike, jumbo perch, and occasional crappies. This adds to the allure of fishing on Lake of the Woods, as there is always the possibility of reeling in a trophy-sized fish.

Moving over to the Rainy River, the optimal times for walleye fishing are still early morning and evening. Anglers have reported good results in deeper holes, flats with current sweeping over them, and areas with current breaks.

Pike fishing has also been productive in both the main river and back bays. Casting spinners and spoons has proven effective in attracting these aggressive predators.

Sturgeon activity has seen an increase, and anglers have successfully caught some decent-sized fish. It is worth noting that there is a sturgeon keep season with regulations allowing one sturgeon between 45-50 inches or over 75 inches per calendar year per angler with a proper tag. However, many anglers opt for catch-and-release practices to preserve the sturgeon population.

The diverse fishing opportunities offered by Lake of the Woods fishing resorts continue to captivate anglers. With walleye, pike, perch, crappies, and sturgeon all in abundance, it is no wonder why fishing enthusiasts flock to this breathtaking destination.

Stay safe and remember to take a kid fishing.


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