Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods Fishing Report June 8, 2023. Versatility was the “name of the game” over the past week on Lake of The Woods. 

Visitors to our area know the lake makes her own weather. At times she even gets angry about it. Blowing up waves that chase the most seasoned salty dogs off her surface looking for back bays and cover. That is one good part of our fishery, lots of options for any conditions – and great guides to help give the options, direction, and knowhow. 

All in all, ­we had a fantastic week of fishing. The mixed bag included keeper walleye (of course), trophy walleye (of course), sauger, pike, and … wait for it …. trophy jumbo perch! The unsuspecting walleye fishermen were quite surprised by these lunkers when they began to strike at their jigging rigs. When they strike, they strike hard!

The go to rig is a brightly colored jig tipped with a fathead minnow or shiner. Vertical jig presentation. Gold and blue/silver was the hot bait. Glow, pink, orange, chartreuse or a combo of these colors were all working well. 

The depth has reminded close to the same 15 – 18 feet however there was a good catch going on at around 28 feet. 

Other anglers were continuing to troll crankbaits with pretty good success. Shallower water and breaks are what you’ll want to look for while trolling. It’s recommended to start with a wobble or rattling thin fin in perch or crawfish colors.

And of course there has been a great troll bite happening in front of Pine Island. Long lining shallow diving crank baits starting in about 7 feet and working your way out has you on walleye, small mouth bass, and perch.

The Rainy River bite continues to be strong. Many trophy walleye are finding their way into a net and ultimately into a photo album. Just plan on finding a break that has you sitting over 8 to 15 feet of water. Set up your jig rig with gold, pink and white multicolored head tipped with a minnow – or a leach. 

Out in 4 Mile Bay definitely have a spinner rig cocked, locked and ready to rock doc! Use a multi bead rig with gold or silver blades preferably with red hooks. Stick an O’l crawler on that thing and just hang on … magic will happen. The crawler and spinner rig is coming on strong!

As you ponder where you are going to fish next, give us a call and River Bend Resort call agents will help you build a fishing trip of a lifetime. You may be surprised to find a great deal happening with mid-week bookings. We offer water side cabins and full or half day charters that can accommodate 1 to 6 fishermen at a time per boat. 

Don’t forget, if you are bringing up your own boat, you can very simply book your cabin online. Just visit our website, www.riverbendresort.com. Lake of The Woods Cabin Rental has never been easier or more accommodating. 

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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