Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods, MN.  As we inch closer and closer to hard water with dreams of days and nights spent pulling fish after fish up through her icy depths, Lake of The Woods continues to provide a fall bounty second to none. Most outdoorsmen and women took to the woods this past weekend for the annual deer opener. Those that chose to keep their lines wet were rewarded with a very healthy catch. 

The schools of walleye and sauger continue to be found all along the south shore. The majority are keeping to 15 – 27 feet of water. How active they have been and with the consistency of where they are being found, these fish are in perfect formation for first ice. With the immediate downturn of our weather (currently under a winter weather advisory), many anglers are hoping that will be sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, you will experience a hot bite if you are willing to brave this period of transition. Anchored and jigging continues to be the preferred and successful technique. Gold, pink, or any bright color jig head tipped with a fathead or emerald shiner is the ticket. With the walleye and sauger you will also just about be guaranteed to catch pike, jumbo perch, crappie, sturgeon, and eelpout. A mixed bag is always a fun bonus.

Moving into the Rainy River, more walleye are being caught each week. Again, with the number of shiners that are in the river, the fish are stuffed with them. So it is with no surprise that the method that is producing the most is jigging with a frozen or live shiner. And believe it or not, the die-hard crankbait trollers are still producing large numbers of fish. Most likely because of the amount of water covered while trolling is upping the odds. 

We will be ice fishing before you know it. Now is the time to book your ice fishing trip and River Bend Resort can set you up with just one call to our booking agents. We offer a variety of ice fishing packages that will suit any level of ice fishing experience and will fit any budget. You can find our offerings as well as pricing by clicking this link

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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Lake of The Woods Ice Fishing Report

River Bend Resort’s Lake of The Woods ice fishing report January 27, 2022. Photo Caption: While attending the annual ice fishing event sponsored by Women Anglers of

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