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Ice Fishing Tips: Must-Have Lures and Gear

Ice fishing tips

Another year of ice fishing is here! When it comes to stocking your tackle box for the new season, River Bend Resort is here with a few ice fishing tips on gear that will help make this your best year on the ice yet. From rods to lures, we’ve got a few suggestions for some of the season’s hottest gear and a few classics to pick up before you make your trip out onto the ice.

Lures to Land Your Best Catches

When it comes to shopping for lures, it can get a little overwhelming with all of the different options available. Walking down the store aisle you will see multitudes of different colors, shapes, sizes, and setups. So, we wanted to make it a little easier by narrowing things down and giving a few helpful ice fishing tips on picking what fits your needs.

Ice fishing tipsClassic Fishing Lures

Though there are always new and flashy lures available each year, there are definitely some classics that are sure-fire wins on any trip. 

Rip n Raps: These are always popular because the proof is in the pudding – anglers love these for the way they act under the water and sink to where a lot of the walleyes frequent. Jigging raps and slow-falling spoons are also a great choice for their ability to catch a walleye’s eye. 

Side Winders: Old school side winders are still extremely popular and inexpensive, so you can easily grab a few of them at the store and know that you have something known to snag a good catch. 

One of the main things to look for with the majority of lures is finding a shorter shank with a less visible hook and colors that reflect light while also looking somewhat natural.

Hot Buy Fishing Lures

Google Eye Rattle Jigs: One of the best lures out there is the google eye tungsten rattling jig. This jig mimics flashy fish and has a glass bead inside that creates sound and vibration that catches the attention of the fish and draws it in. 

Rattler Spoons: Though buckshot lures are popular, ones that do just a bit better are the spoons with rattlers and a split in color. They are basically the old faithful of lures, but newer ones that are hitting the shelves have splits in color, metallic flashes, and the rattler all in one to use every aspect of attention grabbing that you can get. 

Hyper-Rattle: A very versatile lure that every tackle box needs is a Hyper-Rattle. These create a lot of action for walleye and are designed for both summer and winter fishing, so you can get a good bang for your buck and have a lure that you can toss into your tackle box all year long. 

Ice Fishing Tips on Picking Lures

In northern lakes like Lake of the Woods, a walleye’s diet usually consists mostly of perch. When picking out a lure, some of the most successful lures closely resemble their natural food source. The ones that draw in larger catches are usually the 8-12 oz lures because they sink a little faster 

Ice fishing tipsThe Best Gear for Your Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Trip

A lot of anglers don’t consider switching to different lines when they head from warm seasons to cold seasons. This can cause a few issues and make a fantastic trip go south in a hurry. When the ice fishing season hits, ditch the braid. Braid line holds water that in turn freezes up and can either break your lines, prevent you from reeling in correctly, or cause the line to be sharp on your hands. This season, stock up on a good brand of monofilament for a smoother experience.

The last gear choice that we want to suggest adding to your arsenal this year is a good tip up. Beaver Dam makes a couple of really reliable tip ups that are fantastic if you are in a larger group, are a “hole-hopper,” or just like to let your reel do the work. They have extremely smooth spools with a set line, and they are long lasting and durable. The classic tip ups work great, but you can take it a step further by getting ones that have lights built into the flag with long-lasting batteries. 

Staying in the Loop

There is always a ton of newly released gear each year, and each brand has its own style of each item. Though many of these suggestions are semi-particular, we will leave it up to you to find the brand that you prefer. Whether it be Acme, Rapala, Berkeley, or any other brand out there, they all have something a little different to offer. So, start filling up your tackle box and stay up to date with our Lake of the Woods fishing report. Follow along for ice conditions, ice fishing tips, and what fish are biting to figure out what gear you want to take along on your trip to River Bend Resort. We are ready for another fantastic year on the ice, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go fishing!


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