Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods Baudette, MN.

The fall fishing on Lake of The Woods as well as on the Rainy River has officially engaged. The shiners are entering into the river by the millions. “Pouring into the river” is the quote being heard around the area. As you can imagine the fishing over the past week has been awesome and steady. The trophy walleye fever is spreading and could be known legitimately as the “Lake of The Woods Walleye Pandemic”. Symptoms of this fever range from purchasing new gear, siting in your trailered boat hours before launching it, muttering “fish on!” to your significant others, to calling off work early daily. River Bend Resort has the cure for such symptoms. Simply, give us a call and we will prescribe lodging, dock slips, and charters.

The walleye are staging themselves along the south shore of the lake and some are beginning to head up river. Drifting spinners, trolling crankbaits, and jigging with a minnow all are in full deployment and landing limits. When the shiners run, the fish definitely put on the proverbial feedbag.  

Since the jig bite is gaining strength, use a brightly colored head and tip with a frozen shiner or a live fathead minnow. Anchor up once you have located a school of walleye or a cloud of shiners. The great part of this time of year is… if you don’t have success within just a few minutes … move. Another side benefit to the fall run is that large northern pike will be in the mix for an unexpected fight. 

Most of the focus will be on the Rainy River because of the shiner run. And with good reason as some dandy walleye have already been reported coming from her waters. This is a great time to trailer your small boat and get in on the action. A small boat works great on the river. If you choose this option, remember to book a slip with the rest of your accommodations. Not that we think you will use it much as there are over 40 miles of navigable waterway running from 4 Mile Bay up to the Birchdale launch. And of course, you will have great action along the entire stretch. 

All these things combined, said, and told fall is one of the most spectacular times to experience the Lake of The Woods fishery. The scenery in all her splendor, mild temperatures, and trophy fishing make up the perfect recipe for a fishing trip of a lifetime at River Bend Resort. 

Don’t be afraid to shake it away from the crowd. Our call agents are waiting for your call and will assist you with booking your next trip to Lake of The Woods with River Bend Resort. If you are bringing your own boat, you can book your cabin online through our website and give us a call to reserve a dock space. Also, it’s not too early to be thinking about getting out for some hard water (Ice fishing) fun and great fishing action. River Bend Resort has many options and packages to choose from.

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{

Cover Photo Caption/Courtesy: Nicole Stone (Nicole Stone Outdoors) holds a huge Rainy River walleye caught last fall while staying at River Bend Resort. You can watch the full video here

Insane Walleye Fishing on the Rainy River With Nicole Stone Outdoors


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