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Holiday Gift Shopping for Walleye Fishing Fanatics

As the holiday season approaches, many are trying to figure out the best gifts to get their loved ones. If you have a walleye fishing fanatic on your list, we have some suggestions that are sure to be the ideal gifts for your hard-to-shop-for angler! River Bend Resort is here to make your holiday shopping easy!

Walleye Fishing Stocking Stuffers

While many people go with ol’ reliable when it comes to stocking stuffers with a few candies and a pair of socks, spice it up this year with something you know they’ll love! When shopping for anglers, it can get a little daunting to figure out what they want. That’s where River Bend Resort comes in. Though most walleye fishing fanatics have a few poles that they prefer, there are endless lures you can wrap up that every angler should have. Lures are fantastic gifts because you can never have too many. Some of the best lures to add to your angler’s stocking are jiggers and divers. Something that is flashy and makes quick movements under the water to grab a walleye’s attention. Shiny rib worms are also fantastic additions to any tackle box. When looking for lures for walleye anglers, it’s usually best to get natural colors like green, silver, and white with shine resembling the flashy scales of a walleye’s natural food source to grab Walleye fishingtheir attention. 

Other things that are always great additions to any tackle box are needle-nose plier sets, different types of fishing line, sinkers, a fish scale, and small items like swivels and snaps. All of these things are usually a sure bet that even if an angler has them, they’ll never say no to adding a few more. They are always used and helpful tools to have in abundance. 

A Gift They’ll Never Forget

Now that we have ideas for stocking stuffers, there is one gift that is sure to make their entire year! The absolute most unforgettable gift that you can give any walleye fishing fanatic is a fishing trip with River Bend Resort. Whether your angler prefers ice or open waters, you can find the perfect fishing package for them on beautiful Lake of the Woods. You can find everything from boat rentals during the warmer months to cozy Lake of the Woods cabin rentals and various ice house options for ice fishing. Fishing excursions aren’t just limited to walleye fishing either! Find everything from abundant spring sturgeon on the Rainy River to northern pike, bass, musky, and more! Walleye fishingThere is something fantastic waiting in every season on Lake of the Woods. There is no better present than the gift of experience, and this is the best way to share an experience that your loved one will remember for years to come. We even have packages that are perfect for the entire family to enjoy!

Holiday Getaways with Lake of the Woods Resorts

The holidays are a time of giving, and River Bend Resort is ready to help you put the best gifts under the tree this year. Whether it’s a full walleye fishing package or a few fun stocking stuffers, these suggestions are sure to make any fishing enthusiast smile ear to ear when they unwrap their present. Get ready to see the joy on your favorite angler’s face when they discover the gift of experiencing something they are passionate about this holiday season!


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