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Lake of the Woods Walleye: Summer Fishing Tips

Lake of the woods walleye

Lake of the Woods is known as the Walleye Capital of the World, and it’s no mystery why. This summer, take the opportunity to experience what all the hype over Lake of the Woods walleye is about! We have a few summer fishing tips to get you out on the water and snagging walleyes all season long. 

Finding the Best Lure for Lake of the Woods Walleye

Having a good lure is one of the key components to having success on the waters. Every year, there are a few new lures that hit the market that anglers can’t wait to try out. The old faithfuls in your tackle box are definitely still big players, but what should you have stocked up before you head out in search of Lake of the Woods walleye? Well, let’s take a look at what the professionals are recommending. Lake of the woods walleye

Walleyes hang out low in the waters during the summer months, so having something that will sink to the bottom and catch attention are musts. Many anglers still love a good jig that you can bounce off the bottom of the lake and there are a few great options that include a rattler and vibrant colors. Rattlers are always a good go-to like the Rapala Rippin’ Rap. There are variations of these on the market that seem to work just as well. If you can find a rattler with a flashy spoon effect, you’ve got yourself a pretty good chance of reeling in walleyes. Gold spinners are also a great option for walleye. There’s a lure that was recently released by Acme that seems to take all the best aspects of the different lures we use and combined them into one with their Acme Rattlin’ Walleye Spinner Rig. It rattles, spins, and is flashy so you get great vibration, sound, and eye catching elements to draw in those walleye. 

Lake of the Woods Walleye Hotspots

Lake of the woods walleyeSo, you hit your local bait shop and stocked up on your lures, but where do you find walleye in Lake of the Woods? Well, finding Lake of the Woods hotspots isn’t too difficult considering the abundance of walleye in our waters. As the weather gets warmer, walleye move into deeper waters and frequent levels close to 20-35 feet deep. They prefer reef areas and rocky bottoms, so if you find a good drop off, you will likely find hungry walleyes! On a lot of smaller lakes in Minnesota, you run into high trafficked areas because there are only a few good spots, but that is far from being an issue on Lake of the Woods because of its size. One perk of River Bend Resort’s location on the banks of the Rainy River is that as we get closer to August, walleye move closer to the mouth of the bay and shallower waters to spawn. All summer long, there are Lake of the Woods hotspots right outside our doorstep! 

Get Out There!

Lake of the Woods walleye fishing is a summer staple in Northern Minnesota. If you have been putting off taking that fishing trip you’ve been talking about for months, here is your sign to grab your gear and get out there! Find ideal lodging for you and your best fishing buddies at River Bend Resort, cast your lines out, and have a drink with some delicious food at Mile Lab Bar and Grill all in one place. The seasons don’t stick around forever in the Midwest, so don’t sleep on your chance to snag some walleye and have the time of your life fishing the waters of Lake of the Woods. A Lake of the Woods fishing trip is an opportunity that should be on every angler’s bucket list, and it’s your turn to come out to see why so many can’t wait to hit the water. 


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