Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report

River Bend Resort ice fishing report March 2, 2023. Late Ice Specials to be announced soon – Lodging ONLY now available!

As the rest of the ice belt begins to say farewell to ice fishing, Lake of The Woods is just getting started! Well, sort of. True we have been on the ice since early December and the fishing has remained great through the entire season. The month of March is known to many as some of the best action of the year. And of course, we remine one of very few destinations in the lower 48 that possesses this extended season for ice fishing.

Fish houses are allowed to remain out on the ice of Lake of The Woods until March 31st.  This, joined with excellent ice conditions, provides us an extended ice season. In fact, all other lakes will be finished for the year very soon. The month of March has affectionately become known as “Late Ice” to anglers across the land. 

Experienced anglers are filled with excitement as late ice approaches. For they have come to know it as some of the best and most productive ice fishing of the year. It is during this time that, naturally, our days become sunnier and of course longer. 

This signals to the walleye and sauger the time to spawn is near. And with that, the feed bags get put on. The bite will become more aggressive and constant. Afterall, if they intend to propagate the species, they will need their strength and stamina.

This makes for some of the best probabilities of not only landing lots of fish but hanging a true trophy walleye on the wall. Currently our anglers are enjoying a mixed bag catch. Walleye, many sauger, a few crappies, jumbo perch, tullibee, and now some beautiful northern pike are all making their way into the creel. 

Rig your jigging set up with rattle baits and don’t be afraid to be aggressive with the presentation. Attracting fish is key here, as well as nailing down a reactionary strike. Understanding that Lake of The Woods is stained water, keep to the colors known to work. Gold, hammer gold, any glow colors (red is best – but green is too), orange, and orange/brown, silver/blue. 

For your dead stick, a simple hook and live minnow will do the trick. Use a strike indicator or a bobber if you notice that the fish bite is light. Also, jig it every so often. Sometimes just lifting it will induce a nice walleye to strike.

With both setups, keep an eye on your electronics and trust what you are seeing. Most of the year the larger fish have come from higher up in the water column. Guide tip: set the dead stick up high and jig on the bottom. Make some noise in the mud. Pound it a few times and enjoy the reaction you’ll get. 

Walleye and sauger season will remain open until the 14th of April. There is plenty of great and safe ice and a bounty of fish yet to be caught. 

Book your trip now! Don’t wait! River Bend Resort can set you up easily with just one call. Online booking is also an option for those who wish to do so. 

A variety of ice fishing packages are available that will suit any level of ice fishing experience and will fit any budget. You can find all this information by clicking this link.

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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