Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report July 21, 2022. Summer walleye fishing remains very good across Lake of the Woods.  Different schools of walleyes keying in on different forage offers anglers numerous opportunities. Targeted areas include mud flats of the basin, sandy areas near the shoreline and rocky structure out around the islands or also near the southern shore.

Water levels are starting to drop and debris that was consistent with high water has flushed through the system.  Thankfully, fishing has been great despite a high-water year. In fact, this has been one of the best seasons out of the last several years.

A good bite for eater walleyes in 10-15 feet just off Pine Island and other areas along the south shore.  Some are using spinners with crawlers to catch these fish but trolling crankbaits to cover water is also producing.  Some are still jigging which is still effective despite it being mid-July. Moving into the sandy bottom areas switch out that crawler for a leach on the spinner rig and hold on. Many trophies are being reported.

Deep mud in 28 – 33′ this time of year holding good numbers of fish.  You just must find what general area they are living in, get your baits in front of them and normally good things happen. Spinners have been the ticket however try a brown/orange presentation on a jig. The mud is holding larva that the fish love to feed on.

Others are leaning on more traditional techniques of spinners with a crawler or trolling crankbaits to catch their fish, which can be especially effective when fish are spread out.

Some of the reefs in Big Traverse Bay are holding nice numbers of walleyes.  Bobber fishing or jigging the top of the reefs or pulling spinners on the reef or on the transition where the rock meets the mud producing good fish.

In addition to walleyes, saugers, jumbo perch pike, smallmouth bass and even an occasional muskie, crappie or sturgeon are being caught on the basin.

Some good summer fishing continues the Rainy River this summer.  Areas out of the current have been the go-to spots this year.

A nice mixed bag in the river includes walleyes, saugers, smallmouth bass, and pike.  Good numbers of shiners in the river.

Sturgeon anglers showing off some big fish being caught.  Anglers can catch and release fish or keep one sturgeon through the summer if a sturgeon tag is purchased.

Big pike are still prowling backwater bays and feeder rivers.  Smallies are living around rocks, current breaks, bays, and bridges.

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Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{ 


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