Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

As we progress into the 3rd week of the 2021-22 walleye season on Lake of The Woods the fishing has been phenomenal. Lots of eaters and many trophy walleye. Most have been landing good numbers of fish in 14-25 foot of water using the tried and true brightly colored jig tipped with a frozen shiner minnow. Presentation has been vertically jigging the rig right next to the boat.

Don’t pass over the shallower areas. Especially where you can find a current. On a windy day, move closer to the shoreline as that is where the bait fish will be and hungry walleye chasing them. With the increasing water temperatures don’t be afraid to shake up the presentation and try a spinner rig with a crawler or leech. Keep in mind that during the start of the season, different schools of fish will be chasing different bait. If you are steadfast on a specific presentation, try a spot and if no action, move to the next. We highly suggest trusting what your fish finder is showing you. If you are on top of a cloud of fish and your current bait rig or set up is not producing, either switch it up or move to the next spot where you mark fish.

The go to colors over the past week has been gold, orange, chartreuse and of course pink. Again, shake it up. With the numbers of crawfish that are found within the fishery, also try a brown and orange multicolored jig. With that, we have been hearing reports of anglers that have already been trolling crankbaits with very good results.

In addition to the big waters of Lake of The Woods, the Rainy River retains a resident population of walleye that can be sought after at any time. If that is in your sights, target drop-offs and current breaks where they love to feed. There is over 40 miles of the Rainy River stretching from the mouth at 4 Mile Bay all the way up to the Birchdale landing that is located some 30 miles east of Baudette. Bait rigs remain the same as what is being used on Lake of The Woods. The fun fact of the Rainy River is that she holds multiple species that can be caught while chasing walleye. Not to mention the mammoth dinos that exist in her depths, sturgeon.  The beauty of this fishery is second to none as is the fishing you’ll experience on your visit to the area.

Speaking of your visit, River Bend Resort has everything you need for an enjoyable trip up north for big trophy walleye. Give us a call and we can arrange a custom-made fishing adventure of a lifetime. Remember, we now have booking online for our cabins if you are a do-it-yourselfer. Need a charter? We have those as well. Our call agents are waiting for your call.  


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