Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods fishing report April 5, 2022. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Rainy River is now open! Let the ceremonious spring open water fishing begin!!

Hearing that the river is finally shaking off the frozen grip of this past winter, it’s with no doubt ice roads are closed all along the southern shoreline of the big lake. Just a few anglers unwilling to let the ice addiction go are being found. Mostly in search of monster pike this time of year. Please remember that if you are wanting to jump on that excitement, safety is No. 1 … if in doubt – PLEASE don’t go out!

The Nelson Park boat ramp in Birchdale, MN finally saw open water and became cooperatively usable as of this past Friday (April 1) followed by Frontier landing on Monday (April 4). This means she is opening quick! Much to the delight of many an angler. As she moves westward, Vidas is next. Then the Timber Mill Park boat ramp in Baudette. The last to thaw out will be Wheelers Point boat landing located at the mouth of the river where she meets 4 Mile Bay.

Fishing has started off with the anticipated success that has become quite customary on this great fishery. Many walleyes and sturgeon are being brought to the surface. And yes, trophy walleye as expected. If you are not already up here reading this report, then go out and get the boat ready and head this way. As the water temps rise, so will the fishing success. So, if it’s already good … just think what it’s going to be here soon.

Walleye fishing on the Rainy is currently catch and release through April 14th. That also goes for 4 Mile Bay as well. Jigs tipped with frozen or live minnows is doing the trick. Some anglers having good luck tossing plastics. Don’t count out a slow troll with some cranks. 

Sturgeon fishing is on fire and if you have yet to land a dinosaur, this is the place to cut your teeth. The Rainy River is one of the most prolific and historied waterways that hold these mighty fish. The anglers that target these fish know what I’m talking about. 

Currently sturgeon fishing on the Rainy is catch and release only – you do not need a tag. The season opener is April 24 – so right around the corner. That season will remain open until May 15th. You are allowed to keep one sturgeon per year with your tag that is 45 to 50 inches or over 75 inches. 

We look forward to helping you enjoy this tremendous time of the year. Trophy season is here. You certainly don’t want to miss out on all the action.

We are running a spring sale on our nightly cabin rate starting right now and running until May 13th, 2022. Don’t just sit around and watch the ice melt. Give us a call and book your trophy season trip today. 

In addition, we do offer online booking for those who wish to do so. Please keep in mind that if you should experience any difficulty with our online system, we are a simple phone call away from getting you set up and fishing with us on beautiful Lake of The Woods. 

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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