Ice Fishing Walleye

Ice Fishing Walleye on Lake of the Woods

The sounds of boots crunching over ice and augers running full force are music to our ears on Lake of the Woods. The reason is simple. It means the ice fishing season is finally here! We are beyond excited to get out on the ice and start ice fishing walleye.

The ice has moved in, holes are being drilled, ice houses and ice castles are being set, and the ice roads are coming along great. Everybody is ecstatic to get yet another fantastic season of dropping lines through the ice on Lake of the Woods. Whether you are brand new to the lake or have fished it a thousand times, it’s always easy to see why ice fishing walleye on this lake is such an absolute winter staple. 

Ice Fishing WalleyeLake of the Woods Ice Fishing Walleye

We all know that Lake of the Woods is known for its phenomenal fishing and extensive ice roads, but we are especially known for an abundance of walleye. River Bend Resort is located in Baudette MN, and situated right at the head of the action in the mouth of the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods. Walleye are plentiful and the location offers easy access to the waters. 

Our ice houses dot the bay and whether you are staying on the ice or on shore, Lake of the Woods ice fishing is an experience unlike any other! The fish are biting all winter long and walleyes are the number-one targeted fish because of their size and taste. Luckily, Lake of the Woods has plenty of elbow room so you can catch your limit and enjoy ice fishing Minnesota style with ease. 

Winter Walleye Patterns Ice Fishing Walleye

During the warmer months, walleyes tend to hang out closer to the surface of the water. During the winter months, you will find them closer to the bottom of the lake in the warmer waters. They may be just a little slower, but they are still a fun fish and as hungry as ever. Find yourself a good basin with a few rises or over some “reef” area with rises and falls. The patterns of the fish change throughout the season, so if you aren’t familiar with Lake of the Woods, you can always ask someone at River Bend Resort or check in on our Lake of the Woods fishing report for updates. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while, but knowing where the stash is will get you a larger yield.

Ice fishing walleyeIce Fishing Walleye – Hit it Early!

If you are anything like us, you have been chomping at the bit to start ice fishing walleye. If you are looking to get out on the ice early, don’t sleep on booking your stay at one of the best Lake of the Woods resorts and gearing up for an early season trip to the walleye capital of the world! Get a head start on ice fishing walleye, northerns, and panfish on Lake of the Woods. These seasons never seem to last long enough, so now is the perfect time to great your favorite ice fishing gear and head to northern Minnesota.


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