Zippel Bay State Park

Discover More at Zippel Bay State Park on Lake of the Woods

Northern Minnesota is full of incredible wildlife, stunning views, and extraordinary fishing. With expanses of breathtaking shoreline and acres of wooded area right outside the doors of our river resort, Lake of the Woods is easily one of the most memorable destinations that should definitely be added to your bucket list. Though the area is well-known for premier fishing, there are a few hidden gems that everyone should experience during their visit to River Bend Resort. One of our favorite area attractions is Zippel Bay State Park, and since we are headed into the seasons of fall color and sparkling winter snow, we want to introduce you to just why this park is a crowd favorite. 

Postcard Perfection 

Zippel Bay State ParkZippel Bay State Park is 3,000 acres of gorgeous Minnesota landscapes and is host to an array of wildlife. Walk along the two-mile beach and gaze out over the beautiful Lake of the Woods – many visitors say that from this vista, the mighty lake resembles an ocean view with its size and mannerism. Along with the welcoming shorelines, Zippel Bay State Park has plenty of trails and wooded areas full of aspen, birch, and jackpine trees. Be sure to bring along your camera for numerous photo opportunities. You could have the chance to snap pictures of wildlife such as black bears, otters, deer, pine martens, and various species of plants. Fall offers some of the most vibrant photo opportunities because of the dense forests morphing into hues of red, gold, and intense orange. Though winter offers just as much beauty with acres of sparkling frozen waters, icicle drips, and branches coated in a blanket of white.  

A Wanderlust Haven 

Zippel Bay State ParkMany that set out on an adventure to Lake of the Woods have a case of wanderlust, and they are never disappointed with the plethora of sights and things to do. The sandy beach and stone jetty overlook the waters and make for fantastic walks to see the waves roll in and witness all sorts of waterfowl enjoying their day. Fall and winter hikes are fantastic for seeing the different vegetation while breathing in the fresh air. During the snowy season, hop on a snowmobile and hit the trails! Along with snowmobile trails, there are also miles of groomed cross country skiing trails open to the public to kick up some powder and enjoy being surrounded by some of the last pure wilderness in northern Minnesota. There’s also an array of winter birds in Minnesota for those that can’t help but admire our feathered friends along the way. It’s not hard to see why so many with a love for nature choose Lake of the Woods and Zippel Bay State Park for an exciting adventure. 

Discover More of Lake of the Woods Minnesota

When you stay with us at River Bend Resort, you will be able to enjoy some of the best fishing you can find in Minnesota and also be just a hop and a skip away from even more exciting experiences. Find yourself staying in cozy accommodations in the heart of a nature-lover’s paradise. Whether you want to hit the water for a chance at reeling in your fill of trophy catches or just want to get away from it all for a while, a trip to River Bend Resort and Lake of the Woods is your natural elixir. Discover just why Zippel Bay State Park on Lake of the Woods is a must-see by heading up to see it all for yourself! This is one destination that you don’t want to miss. 


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