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Here at River Bend, we take safety and health very seriously. Guests being able to unwind in comfort and certainty is a top priority to us. Here are some details of what to expect for upcoming stays with us.

To ensure the safety of all our guests, River Bend Resort staff will be wearing the proper PPE at all times including the following instituted steps.

All of our guests will have the option of a contactless check in upon arrival and contactless check out upon departure. Each cabin is cleaned and sanitized and then sealed between each guest stay. There will not be any daily housekeeping available, however any additional items needed will be just a phone call away and left outside the cabin in a secure and sanitized covering.

Transportation in vehicles will be sanitized and exclusive to individual groups. Please note that masks will be required in transportation vehicles. Transport will be available until ice is safe enough for personal vehicles, at which time you may choose to drive yourself out to your icehouse. Once you have arrived at your icehouse you will be comforted to know that it has been cleaned and sanitized according to the outlined protocol of the CDC.

Though our bar and restaurant will not be available to begin our ice season, our full menu (food & beverage) will be available for delivery to each cabin using the same precautions and sanitary guidelines ensuring your comfort and safety.


Steps for our safe guest experience:

  1. Contactless check-in/check-out available.
  2. Each cabin cleaned, sanitized, and sealed between each group. There will be no daily housekeeping available. Any additional items will be available upon request.
  3. Transportation vehicles sanitized, and load sizes reduced between each group. Masks are required in transportation vehicles. Transportation available until ice is safe enough for personal vehicles.
  4. Fish houses are sanitized and exclusive to your group only.
  5. All staff at River Bend will be wearing masks and proper PPE.
  6. Food and beverages available for delivery to the cabin.

Please contact us directly if you have any additional questions or would like to request your dates. We understand the world looks a little different right now but that does not mean you have to compromise your comfort during your trip this winter. We got you covered!


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