Walleye Inn After Hours Contactless Check In

Our Front Desk hours are 8AM to 8PM Daily. Because of our new hours, we will no longer be accepting walk-in reservations after 8:PM. 

For reservations that will be arriving after 8pm please follow the listed instructions below to receive your registration and room key. These items will be in an assigned locker box located in our main entrance. Your room key will unlock the lobby door, along will all outside entrances.

  1. Using the same phone you made your reservation with – Text “Start” to 1-800-292-3084
  2. Then text “Doorcode” to the same number (1-800-292-3084)
  3. Your locker number and lock code will be sent back to you within 1 minute
  4. Use the 4-digit code to unlock your locker
  5. Sign your registration and leave it in the basket on the front desk.

For immediate assistance use the black phone that is mounted to the wall next to the main entrance front door or call 218-634-1552 with your cell phone and someone will promptly assist you.


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