Spring Sturgeon Fishing on the Rainy River

Spring Sturgeon Fishing on the Rainy River

April is the month of spring sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River and we cannot wait to get out on the water and start reeling them in here at River Bend Resort. There are very few places in the midwest where you can pull in a fish measuring out over 40 inches, but the Rainy River is the one place you can get your chance to reel in a true river monster. These prehistoric fish are biting and this spring could be your turn to snag your very own trophy sturgeon!

Spring Sturgeon Fishing Rainy RiverRainy River Fish Species: Sturgeon

Sturgeon are one of the most interesting and largest freshwater fish that can be found in the midwest. Many anglers seek out these fish because of their size and the exciting challenge of getting them out of the water. These river monsters are quite literally dinosaurs that we can still experience today. These toothless giants are often found feeding off the bottom of the waterways and can take quite the workout to get them up into your boat. Spring sturgeon fishing Rainy River sizes can often have you wrestling for a good 20 minutes due to their  size and strength. They truly are a fun catch that will have you earning those bragging rights!

It’s all About the Sturgeon Fishing GearSpring Sturgeon Fishing Rainy River

When fishing for fish of this size, you won’t be able to use the same gear that many anglers use for pulling in walleyes, saugers, bass, and panfish. The smaller fish can give you a bit of versatility with your gear, but when you are hunting for massive sturgeon, you will need a bit of a heavier gear setup. Heavier rods are a must and many anglers hitting the Rainy River for spring sturgeon use around the 60lb weight of line and load up their bigger hooks with several nightcrawlers to grab their attention. Though you probably won’t be fighting acrobatics and squirrelly maneuvers like you might with smaller fish, sturgeon will definitely test your skills with their sheer lack of drag. These stubborn fish like their home in the water and will make sure you and your gear have to work for them!

Join us on the Rainy River!

Hooking a sturgeon and finessing them into your boat is definitely a unique experience that you can’t find just anywhere. Join us at River Bend Resort for the best spring sturgeon fishing the Rainy River has to offer and snag a few monster catches. Who wouldn’t want to kick off the warmer weather and open water fishing season with catches upwards of 40 inches? Get your early season fix and get ready for the fishing adventure of a lifetime when you book your spring fishing excursion with us at River Bend Resort


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