Rainy River Fishing Report

This early spring sure has brought with it a surprising quick thaw. The Rainy River is completely open and flowing smoothly with no ice to be found anywhere. In addition, Lake of The Woods is experiencing the same quick eradication of ice we witnessed with the river. We are putting our bets on being able to fish Lake of The Woods soon. If our forecast is right, we believe you will be able to have the best of both worlds at your fingertips within the next week. Going after trophy catch and release walleyes and humongous sturgeon in the Rainy River. Then, running out to big water on Lake of The Woods to keep a limit – all on the same trip. We will be sure to keep you posted. Visit our Facebook page often for updates. 

Here’s what’s happing now. The Little Fork River has opened up pushing slush out of her shallow belly sending it down towards the big lake. Good news is, it’s only slush and the water clarity has been not affected much. The usual dirty water and debris that we see in normal years as these Rainy River tributaries open up is nonexistent this year. Mainly due to the currently low water levels. So, what does this mean? The fishing continues to be seriously awesome!

Nicole Stone was our guest over this past weekend. She and her guests were quite successful with a mixed bag of various sized walleye and whopper sturgeon. All being landed with regularity. Nicole reported that the bigger walleye hens are being found in the muddy depths of the Rainy. Down deep in the mud around 32 foot. Dragging flasher jigs and dead shiners through the mud seemed to be the trick. All in all, six walleye over 25” were landed with one trip topper tank walleye that came in at 29”. The sturgeon ranged from 40’ to 50”. 

Speaking of Nicole Stone don’t forget she will be back up to River Bend Resort spanning the weekend of May 22nd – 23rd, 2021 to film a TV show with Midwest Outdoors and the winners of our free fishing trip give-a-way. We will be offering specials if you would like to be on location to check out all the action. Our specials will include the dates beginning on Thursday, May 20th and running through Sunday, May 23rd which is the scheduled time she will be at our resort with the film crew. Please keep checking back and even get on one of our sign-up sheets to receive news and information. I don’t think you would want to miss this opportunity. 

You can easily access any of the Rainy River boat launches from River Bend Resort or our Walleye Inn location. If you would like to stay at our Walleye Inn, we are very happy to announce that we now have online booking available. The new online service will help make booking your next trip a breeze. You can check it out by clicking HERE.  


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