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The Best of Rainy River Fall Walleye Fishing: Fall Shiner Run

Rainy river walleye fishing

Anglers are getting ready for a once-a-year event that naturally takes place every fall on the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods. Droves of walleye will be making their way into the Rainy River from Lake of the Woods and Four Mile Bay in chase of emerald shiners. Join us for the best of Rainy River fall walleye fishing during the shiner run this September!Rainy river walleye fishing

What is the Fall Shiner Run?

Each season, nature goes through patterns. We typically see it reflected through the changing of colors on foliage and the rise and fall of temperatures. However, there are many things that occur that we don’t always get to see in person. One of the most interesting seasonal patterns in Lake of the Woods happens every fall with the emerald shiner run. During the month of September and into October, emerald shiners make their way from Lake of the Woods into the Rainy River and bring the walleyes with them. Shiners are a main part of a walleye’s diet and are oftentimes used or replicated as effective bait, so where the food goes, the walleyes follow. 

Baudette MN Fishing for Walleye

Rainy river walleye fishingAs millions of shiners migrate into the Rainy River, anglers head out on their boats to take advantage of the phenomenal Rainy River fall walleye fishing. Walleye patterns in the lake can be a little bit hard to pin down, but when the fall shiner run hits, walleyes are headed into shallower waters by the droves. Many anglers have said that they are so shallow that they can actually see the walleyes hanging out in the water and drop their lures right in front of them. It’s not uncommon to reel in your limit and more during the shiner run. 

When heading out for Rainy River fall walleye fishing during the shiner run, many anglers will use lures that resemble shiners for best results. Emerald shiners are slender fish that have metallic sheens of silver and look a bit like over-sized minnows. If you don’t have a lure like this, just search for “stores that sell bait near me.” It’s not hard to find in a fishing capitol like Baudette, MN. River Bend Resort even has bait and gear packages available if you are new to fishing and aren’t sure what to bring.

Your Rainy River Fall Walleye Fishing Destination

The most activity found during the emerald shiner run is close to the mouth of where the Rainy River meets Lake of the Woods. Lucky for us, River Bend Resort is located right where the walleyes will be funneling into the river. You can enjoy all the Baudette MN fishing you want with easy Rainy River boat access right outside your accommodations. Wake up early and head out from the resort for a full day of fishing. Come back to land for a delicious lunch at our Mile Lab Bar and Grill and head out for those evening walleye. When it comes to Lake of the Woods and Rainy River fall walleye fishing, there’s no experience quite like the emerald shiner run. 


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