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Minnesota Walleye: 3 Fantastic Recipes for Your Walleye Catches

Walleye are considered to be one of the best freshwater fish for cooking. Flavorful and flaky, there are a plethora of different ways to prepare walleye. From pan fried to boiled and everything in between, Minnesota walleye fishing is ideal for catching your meals and enjoying every bite. Here at River Bend Resort, we have a few fantastic recipes for preparing your catches and experiencing just why the Minnesota state fish is always on the menu!

What Does Walleye Taste Like?

We are all aware that there is a wide variety of fish available for consumption, but not all are rated equal. Some have very strong “fishy” tastes or strange textures that not everyone tends to enjoy. However, walleye has proven to be one of the best fish to have in the kitchen because it is light and flaky, not as pungent, and takes on the flavors of seasonings perfectly for a well-balanced palate. You can go as simple as a bit of salt and pepper to more complex recipes of mixed herbs, spices, and interesting ingredients and still have something incredible on your plate. 

Top 3 Minnesota Walleye Recipes

There are so many different ways to prepare walleye that it’s no mystery why so many anglers are smiling ear to ear when they pull out a few good ones from the water to take home. Though the list is long, we wanted to share a few of our favorite ways to try walleye. 

Minnesota WalleyeBlackened Walleye Tacos

Fish tacos are a fantastic way to make a couple of fish go a long way and enjoy a flavorful dish that doesn’t require hours in the kitchen. Walleye’s texture is great for cutting up shreds that fit perfectly into tortillas and the way they work with so many different flavors allows you to get creative with a variety of sauces and spices. 

Blackened fish dishes are often times fried but can also be accomplished by putting your seasoned fish on a pan that’s already hot from the oven and popping it in with a light coating of cooking oil or spray over the top of the fish. Cook for about 12-15 minutes and it should have that delicious crispy layer around the outsides and a flaky center. You can top the still hot fillets with avocado sauce, pico, peanut sauce, or just some cilantro and lime depending on your flavor preference. Top with some fine diced red onion, cabbage slaw, a bit of cheese, and the sauce of your choice and enjoy! 

Classic Deep Fried Walleye

Minnesota WalleyeA dish that we have at Miles Lab Bar and Grill that is an absolute classic for Minnesota walleye dinners is deep fried walleye strips. Grab your walleye fillets and do a three-step bath of flour, egg wash, and beer batter before dropping them into your hot oil. You can do this with a deep fryer or with a regular deep pan full of your choice of oil. For the best flavor, add in a few spices to your flour mix like paprika, salt, pepper, and whatever else your taste buds tell you. Grab a side of tartar sauce, ranch, or chipotle aioli and accompany it with a helping of tater tots, fries, or potato wedges for the perfect fish and chips combo. 

Oven Baked Heaven

Another great way to enjoy this Minnesota game fish is doing some oven-baked fillets. This is a fantastic way to get a full-flavored dish that is easy to make and avoid the heavy grease that can be used for frying. There are a few different ways that Minnesota walleye can be baked, but one of our favorites is the crispy bake. Some people prefer to lay their fillets in a bed of butter with lemon slices, dill, parsley, and salt for a soft dish, but there is just something about the crunch by baking a crisp fish that we can’t say no to. So, we prefer this route. Take your walleye and dip them in an egg bath. In a separate bowl, combine bread crumbs or panko, some Parmesan, some instant potatoes (trust us on this), and seasonings like salt, pepper, paprika, parsley, garlic powder and other intriguing seasonings. Dunk your egg washed fillets into the breading and make sure they have a good coating all around. Then just toss your fish onto a greased pan and bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 450 degrees F. You should then have light and flaky fillets. Squeeze a little fresh lemon over it and serve with any side you like. 

A True Minnesota Game Fish Fan-Favorite

These are just a few ways to prepare our favorite Minnesota game fish. Among all of the fish found in Minnesota, the walleye is one that you will definitely want to take home and try out for yourself. At Minnesota fishing resorts like River Bend Resort, you can catch your fill of the Minnesota state fish and take it home to enjoy in a multitude of dishes that will have your taste buds singing their praises. If you haven’t tried Minnesota walleye before, this is your sign! Add this delicious Minnesota catch to your menu and discover just why us northern folks can’t get enough.


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