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Hit the Ice with One of the Best Minnesota Fishing Resorts

When the land of ten thousand lakes becomes the land of ten thousand frozen lakes, the sounds of augers and rattlers cue the beginning of ice fishing in Minnesota. Finding the perfect place to drop your line is easy when you hit the ice with one of the best Minnesota fishing resorts, River Bend Resort! Discover ice fishing made easy when you stay in accommodations that allow easy access to all of the best ice fishing spots on Lake of the Woods and all of the comforts needed to create an unforgettable experience. 

Prime Locations for Premier Ice Fishing

Minnesota fishing resortsWhen it comes to finding a location to drop your line into the ice, there are few places that hold a candle to Lake of the Woods, with over 1,500 square miles of surface area that typically freezes to the thickness of allowing trucks and ice houses around the second week of December. Considering the location of the lake being so far north, there are often many areas that reach 2-4 feet in ice thickness, offering the ability to set out ice sleeper houses and for places like River Bend Resort to create and maintain ice roads. This allows anglers extended stays on the ice and easy navigation of the lake’s surface. And as one of the Minnesota fishing resorts located near bay areas, we get a little bit of a head start on the fishing season, as the ice thickens earlier with shallower water levels. These areas also offer great fishing due to the underwater habitats they possess.

The convenient location of our Minnesota fishing resort offers easy access to the water and an array of accommodation options that will ensure you are comfortable. Whether you prefer the cabin life, the simplicity of motel stays, or want to be out on the ice the entire time in one of our overnight Lake of the Woods ice fishing rentals, you can choose exactly what you want. Our skilled team of fishing experts drill holes for our guests in the best spots to snag fish, and we even have transportation available to get out to your fish house rentals. All you need is your favorite gear, food, and whatever personal comforts you want to bring along! 

Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Tips 

Minnesota fishing resortsWhen it comes to ice fishing, there is a stark difference in how you would approach targeting your catches on the ice compared to the warmer seasons. There’s no casting out on the frozen lakes. Since most of our fishing is done inside ice fishing day houses and sleeper house rentals, you can comfortably sit in a heated area and drop several lines at once. The early morning and dusk hours are popular for trying to reel in catches, but the overnight hours are actually quite bountiful. Using a jigging technique is one of the best ways to catch the attention of walleyes and northern pike as it entices the “strike” attack-style of feeding they tend to present. The movement catches their eye and brings them right to you. Let your bait reach about 2-3 feet above the bottom of the lake and create movement to create the vibrations and flashes of color needed to get the fish’s attention.

If the water is more stained in your location, colorful jigs will be easier to see whereas clear water typically does better with flashy spoons and rattle rip lures. If you can’t quite figure out which is better, you can always drop one in one hole and rig up a different pole with the other and drop it into a different hole. The easiest way to decide which gear to use is by following our Lake of the Woods fishing report or asking one of our helpful guides! We are always ready to lend a helping hand and suggest helpful ice fishing tips, and of course we are well-versed in the Lake of the Woods fish and their mannerisms. 

Finding the Perfect Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Rentals

When you want to get away from it all and enjoy one of the most popular Minnesota winter pastimes, a trip to one of the best Minnesota fishing resorts is the perfect place. Head to the northern border and discover just why so many anglers recommend Lake of the Woods for phenomenal ice fishing! From finding your ideal Lake of the Woods ice fishing rentals to discovering the abundance of catches available in the waters right outside our resort’s doors, you’ll never be disappointed when choosing River Bend Resort for your next ice fishing adventure. Book your ideal stay and keep updated on conditions with the Lake of the Woods ice report and our very own Lake of the Woods fishing report found on our website. Your unforgettable Minnesota ice fishing experience awaits! 


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