Lake Of The Woods MN Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report May 19, 2022. Though a slow, windy, and somewhat wet start to the Minnesota 2022 Walleye opener, most anglers did very well. In fact, most anglers would say it was a great start to the season. A lot of fish were landed including limits of eaters with plenty of larger fish in the mix. 

In addition to the large number of fish that were caught, stories of personal best(s) (PB) abounded over the weekend opener and continued through this past week. This gives support to the recent MN Fisheries report that Lake of The Woods continues to be healthy with good numbers of walleye and sauger across all class sizes. One thing is for sure … the bite is on!

Fishing the Rainy River certainly had its challenges. High water levels and raging currents kept the bite to slack water and back current areas. The conditions meant that when you did find the fish resting within the slower spots, you found a bunch of them all schooled together. 8 to 15 feet seemed to be the holding depths. Her muddy condition dictated a brightly colored jig – gold, pink, yellow and white. Tipped with a minnow and the catch was on. 

The normal areas along the main channel were obviously tough due to the rough conditions. But that didn’t stop a few from giving it a try. Not many were landed, however the ones that did were of larger trophy class or within the slot size limit. 

Many anglers found great numbers of fish along the south shore of the lake. Anchored anywhere from 5 to 18 feet and jigging with bright colors (the go to was gold) tipped with a minnow. Though the minnow was the most productive, some anglers did report a fairly good bite using worms. 

Understandably the east side of the south shore was a bit dirtier than along the west side. This is due to the runoff that will naturally occur from the rivers located along the east side. Nevertheless, the fishing tactic, presentation and bait choice remained the same and many fish were landed. The only notable difference that was reported came from the west side of the shoreline. This is where anglers found and fished on top of or on the edge of structure (rocks).  Again, lots of big fish were landed along with the eaters. 

All in all, a great start to the 2022 walleye season and fishing continues to phenomenal in a story book setting. 

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Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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