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Top 3 Fish Species in Lake of the Woods Minnesota

When it comes to fishing, Lake of the Woods Minnesota is one of the top spots on angler’s lists, and for good reason! With thousands of miles of shoreline and a wide variety of underwater terrain, Lake of the Woods is the perfect place to target multiple fish and try out something new every outing. Amongst the array of species available in the waters, we have a few favorites. 

 Lake of the woods minnesotaSturgeon

One of the oldest and most intriguing species of fish that frequent the waters of the Lake of the Woods area is sturgeon. Most commonly found in the Rainy River, sturgeon are quite literally dinosaurs. Dating back over 100 million years, the sturgeon that we see today haven’t changed much over time. These prehistoric fish can grow up to 12 feet long and live up to 150 years. Overfishing has threatened the population of sturgeon in the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods areas in years past, but with efforts made by the community and state DNR, the sturgeon population has greatly improved. So much so that there are short periods of harvest season available as well as catch and release throughout the year for anglers to once again enjoy reeling in these magnificent river monsters. 

Lake of the woods minnesotaNorthern Pike

A popular Lake of the Woods Minnesota fish is the northern pike. These torpedo-shaped predators are fun ambush fish that can be found throughout Minnesota. Both open water and ice fishing are great experiences for targeting northern pike, and though it’s not a popular fish for eating, it can be prepared in multiple ways for a tasty dish. Northern pike are known for their unique hunting habits. They are often found waiting at the edges of weedy areas for prey to wander by to quickly snag their meals. Many pike that are pulled from Lake of the Woods Minnesota are 40 inches long, and even more ranging from 2-4 feet. 

Lake of the woods minnesotaWalleye

Wa may have saved the best for last, but we are the walleye capital of the world, after all! Walleye are known for their athletic ability and taste. Whether you are a fan of ice fishing or open water fishing Lake of the Woods, walleye are popular all year round. Following weather patterns, walleye adjust to the temperatures by venturing deeper or remaining in shallower waters as the seasons progress. A variety of lures can be used for these fish, making walleye a fun catch to experiment with different tackle. Walleye can be a challenge and range in size from 12-28 inches, but larger sizes have been found. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just starting out, walleye are a fantastic fish to try reeling in and are one of the best for taking home for dinner. Just be sure to check in with regulations to make sure your size and limits are passable. Many anglers have the ability to be picky with what they take home with the bounty of walleye they’ll pull in throughout the day. 

Fishing Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods Minnesota is one of those places that has it all. From breathtaking views and plenty of space on the water to an abundance of different fish and terrains, there’s a reason it’s such a favored lake. Whether you head out on your own or join a lake of the woods fishing resort like River Bend Resort in Baudette MN, there are endless opportunities to cast lines and reel in some incredible catches. Lake of the Woods fishing is an experience that you won’t want to miss. Get out on the water and see if you can reel in one of these and many other fish from the waters of Lake of the Woods! 


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