Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing

Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing: That’s a Wrap!

Warmer days are upon us on the northern border of Minnesota! The frozen waters and snow are thawing, and our ice fishing season has come to a close with the early turning of seasons. Though we are sad to be wrapping up yet another bountiful Lake of the Woods ice fishing season, we are excited to be getting out onto the open water once again. If you haven’t been keeping up with our Lake of the Woods ice fishing report, here is a look back on what happened over the winter months here at River Bend Resort!

Lake of the Woods Ice FishingThe “Reel” Deal

This winter may have been shorter than expected, but that didn’t stop our guests from reeling  some spectacular catches. This Lake of the Woods ice fishing season definitely showed us that the cold doesn’t phase us in the great north of Minnesota. Trophy walleyes and a few northerns were a hit this year, and we could not have been more excited for our guests as they reeled in their very own monster catches. There is nothing quite like dropping your line through the ice with good friends and feeling that first heavy tug as you see a trophy-sized fish coming up from the bottom. Though the colder weather in February had us sinking to deeper levels to snag fish, they proved to be just as hungry. Even with a shorter season, the bites were phenomenal!

Spring into the Next SeasonLake of the Woods Ice Fishing

Though the Lake of the Woods ice fishing season has come to a close, there are still plenty of fishing adventures ahead. It’s never too early to start planning for the next exciting season on the ice. Secure your dates ahead of time and give yourself something exciting to look forward to by booking your next ice fishing excursion early. If you just can’t wait that long for some fishing action, check out the fishing packages available for this summer and fall to tide you over! There is no shortage of fun adventures awaiting at River Bend Resort!

Until Next Time!

Want to know exactly what happened this winter? Check out our Lake of the Woods ice fishing report! Take a look back on how our Lake of the Woods ice fishing season went and what you can look forward to next season. You can also keep up with all of our current happenings and how the fish are biting to help you plan out your next Northern Minnesota fishing excursion with us at River Bend Resort! Can’t wait to book your next trip to the great north? Check out our packages page, or give us a call to begin planning today!


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