Lake of The Woods Ice Fishing Report

River Bend Resort’s Lake of The Woods ice fishing report January 27, 2022. Photo Caption: While attending the annual ice fishing event sponsored by Women Anglers of Minnesota here at River Bend Resort this past weekend, Andrea Welter-Everett landed this 28” walleye from one of our icehouses. Andrea reports that she caught this whopper using a full fathead minnow on a white, pink, and blue jig head suspended in 18 feet of water. We say CONGRADUALITONS Andrea!! 

Our ice guides are working hard to keep guests over the big schools of fish. We have moved our fleet four and half miles out in front of Pine Island hugging the Canadian border.  Fishing over 30 – 32 feet of water on 36 inches of ice, every River Bend Resort icehouse limited out yesterday. A mixed bag of walleye, sauger, tullibees, and perch has been consistent. An occasional white fish or crappie also has been put on the ice. Though the bite is still strong, we are finding that moving to smaller jigs has been the ticket for getting through the smaller fish and into larger slot fish. Stable weather equals a good and consistent bite. Technique remains a combination of jigging line and dead stick. 

As we enter the mid part of our ice season, remember that electronics are most helpful to not only show where the fish are but also how they are reacting to what you are showing them. On your jigging set up, use rattle spoons tipped with a minnow. Don’t be afraid to shake that up with only the head or only the tail and at times the entire minnow. 

In addition to the rattle spoons we are hearing reports that rip raps as well as a simple jig head and minnow are working quite nicely. Drop that presentation into the mud and work it up to 6 inches to a foot off the bottom. Stick to pink, red, gold and glow colors. Also, multicolored jig heads – blue/white, white/pink or any combination of blue, pink, and white. And don’t count out anything that looks like a crawfish – so a brown/orange combination should entice a bite. If you find the fish getting tight lipped, move to a smaller jig.

On the dead stick, use a plain red hook and minnow. Also using a No. 8 sized crappie glow jig with a whole minnow is working on the dead stick. This is where you pay attention to the electronics… some anglers are reporting the dead stick performing at 6 inches off the bottom while others contend the dead stick needs to be much higher in the water column as this is where the larger walleye and tullibee will be hanging. Again, trust what you are seeing on your electronics. 

While using or moving to the smaller jigs, I was given a tip from one of our ice guides. Instead of using part of or the entire minnow, pinch the head of the minnow just behind the gills – rubbing your thumb and fingers together. Rub your newly scented fingers all over the jig and put it down without the actual minnow – just the scented jig. I’m told it works. Give it a try. 

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Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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