Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

Despite the warmer weather, the ice conditions have remained unaffected. 30-36” of ice is still being measured. We have had another great week of fishing on Lake of The Woods and on the Rainy River as well.  Our fleet of ice houses has moved back to the 5 mile range on the lake but remain steady over 29-33 feet of water and we are continuing to catch a good number of walleye and sauger. Perch, pike and eelpout are also being caught. On your jigging setup, jigging spoons with a glow stick or rattles tipped with a piece of minnow continues to be the best. Gold has been a good color, jigs with reflective eyes and typical glow colors like green, yellow and pink. On your deadstick setup, a simple presentation with plain colored hook with a live fathead has been the most effective.  

When you do spot suspended fish, reel up quickly and when your lure is 2 feet below the fish, slow your roll so you don’t spook ‘em away. The suspended fish have been larger walleyes and are being consistent at 15 foot off the bottom.

The walleye and sauger season continue until April 14th.  Catch and release only for walleyes and sauger on Four Mile Bay and the Rainy River is running March 1st – April 14th. “Late Ice” is what we like to call this time of year. Late ice historically produces some of the best ice fishing on Lake of The Woods. 

River Bend Resort will provide guided trips until March 15th. For those anglers who wish to capitalize on the late ice bite, there are plenty of spots available just give us a call for the exact dates and accommodations. Our call agents are waiting to hear from you. 

It will only be a few short weeks until anglers will be able to get their boats wet on the Rainy River for those huge trophy “ice out eyes” and monstrous sturgeon. During this time River Bend Resort will be offering discounted pricing on our cabins beginning on March 15th and running until May 13th. Call us for details and get your trophy trip booked. 


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