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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

Regularly updated information on the current fishing conditions, including which fish species are biting and what types of bait or lures are most effective. Our fishing reports can provide insights on weather conditions, ice thickness (for ice fishing), and the best fishing spots on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River fisheries.

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Latest Lake of the Woods Fishing Reports

July 12, 2024 Fishing Report For Lake of the Woods

Current Fishing Conditions

Lake of the Woods is experiencing excellent fishing conditions at the moment. The shorelines in 12-18 ft of water, from Pine Island to Long Point, are teeming with active fish. The surface temperature of the water is a warm 76 degrees, making the fish highly active and eager to feed.

Deep Water Bite

Additionally, there is a thriving deep-water bite in 34-36 ft of water, particularly from Long Point straight east to the US/Canadian Border, and up to Garden Island. This triangle of deep water is holding a significant number of big walleyes, as well as great-sized walleye and sauger.

Recommended Fishing Methods

The most successful methods for fishing in these conditions have been drifting spinners with two-hook crawler harnesses, equipped with one-and-a-half to two-ounce weights. Another effective technique is running lead core or using downriggers to deploy crankbaits deep into the water, moving them at speeds of 2-3 miles per hour.

Overall, the fishing opportunities at Lake of the Woods are abundant and promising, especially along the shorelines and in the deeper waters. Anglers are encouraged to make the most of these ideal conditions and techniques to reel in some impressive catches.

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June 18, 2024 Fishing Report For Lake of the Woods

This week at Lake of the Woods, anglers at River Bend Resort have been experiencing excellent fishing conditions. Vertical jigging with a frozen shiner tipped 3/8 oz jig in 20-30 feet of water has been yielding great results. Anglers targeting walleye have found success by pulling spinners with crawlers in the sand and rubble in depths ranging from 6-18 feet of water along the west shore from Zippel Bay to Long Point, as well as around Pine Island.

For vertical jigging, the best colors for jigs have been gold, pink, and a combination of pink and gold. Anglers have reported increased bites when using these color variations. When it comes to pulling spinners, the most effective colors have been hammered gold, silver, and 5 of diamonds with red and yellow accents. These color combinations have proven to attract walleye in the sandy and rocky areas, including around Pine Island and from Zippel Bay to Long Point.

To optimize success while drifting, maintaining a speed of 1-1.5 mph has been key. Anglers have been using 1-2 oz inline weights to control their drifting speed and stay in the target depth range. This steady drift, combined with the right colors for jigs and spinners, has resulted in consistent catches of walleye in the specified areas.

When the wind picks up, the lake may appear intimidating, but anglers can take advantage of the public landings available around the lake. These public landings provide convenient access points that allow anglers to launch their boats without having to travel on the lake in rough waters. This ensures safety and a hassle-free fishing experience for all anglers visiting Lake of the Woods.

Overall, anglers at River Bend Resort have been enjoying productive outings on Lake of the Woods this week, including fishing around Pine Island and the west shore from Zippel Bay to Long Point. The combination of vertical jigging, pulling spinners, and utilizing public landings during windy conditions has contributed to a successful fishing week. As the week progresses, anglers are encouraged to continue using the best practices and techniques shared in this report for a rewarding fishing experience at Lake of the Woods.

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June 5, 2024 Fishing Report for Lake of the Woods

Let’s delve into the latest fishing updates at Lake of the Woods, with a special focus on the southern end, where angling enthusiasts have been witnessing significant success recently. This region, encompassing the vicinity of River Bend Resort, has emerged as a hotspot for avid walleye fishers. Anglers have been relishing their time on charter boats or personal vessels, taking advantage of the accessibility to varied fishing locations along Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, with River Bend Resort as a convenient hub.

The anglers targeting walleyes and saugers have been encountering fruitful outings by employing jigs paired with frozen emerald shiners. Specific color combinations like gold/glow white, gold/pink/glow white, and gold/orange have been particularly effective. Utilizing techniques such as anchoring and jigging in depths ranging from 6 to 36 feet has proven successful, with the most promising results often found between 21 and 32 feet. Alternately, pulling crankbaits or drifting with spinners, crawlers, or minnows has also shown promise.

The Rainy River has witnessed enthusiastic anglers finding success in the early hours of the morning and evenings by utilizing a jig and minnow setup to target walleye. The increased flow stemming from recent rainfall has created favorable conditions around current breaks for fishing, with trolling crankbaits against the current in depths of 6 to 12 feet yielding positive outcomes. Smallmouth bass aficionados have also discovered active fish populations near shoreline current breaks, rocky regions, and bridges, providing a diverse angling experience.

To sum up, the fishing atmosphere at Lake of the Woods, particularly around the southern end near River Bend Resort, has been dynamic and rewarding. Anglers have been relishing a range of techniques and abundant fishing prospects, making this zone a standout destination for those seeking a remarkable fishing adventure. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice looking to savor the excitement of fishing, Lake of the Woods and its neighboring areas offer a unique and special experience for all fishing enthusiasts, ensuring unforgettable moments on the water.

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Paul Johnson – River Bend Resort

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May 15, 2004 Fishing Report for Lake of the Woods

The weather for the MN Fishing Opener weekend was amazing! Mother Nature also produced an amazing Aurora Borealis on Friday night to kick off the season. Loads of walleyes and saugers were caught, making it one of the best opening weekends ever. The top pick was a jig and frozen emerald shiner – a hit with walleyes in LOW. Other minnows did the trick too, but emerald shiners were the anglers’ fave.

Four Mile Bay was buzzing with walleyes in 12 to 18 feet – no surprise after the strong spring walleye bite on the river. Anglers even snagged walleyes on sturgeon rigs lately!

Fish were hanging out in Lighthouse Gap, Morris Point Gap, and by Pine Island in 12 to 15 feet. On the south shore, 18 to 22 feet had a good haul too. Plenty of fish to go around!

A quarter ounce jig in gold, glow white, pink, orange, or chartreuse, with a minnow, did the job well. Remember, the limit is six fish – up to four walleyes, and release those between 19.5 to 28.0 inches!

The other productive method was pulling crank baits in 9 to 12 feet of water on the north side of Pine Island. Pink and silver were the most productive colors, anglers reported.

Some cool walleyes were nabbed on the Rainy River in 10 to 15 feet, although most folks were hitting the lake. Sturgeon fishing on the river has been off the charts, with catch and release until May 15th, then keep on July 1st.

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Northern Minnesota

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