Lake of The Woods Fishing Report Rainy River

The excitement is building with the walleye season opener looming ever closer. Lake of The Woods is posturing herself and her bounty to provide some true early season trophy walleye. River Bend Resort is also getting excited as we feverishly get things cleaned up from winters dirt and grime. Updates and newly refurbished accommodations await our guests moving into the 2021-22 season. 

On the Rainy River, sturgeon of enormous proportions are continuing to be caught daily. Looking over all of the reports, we are seeing 60+” monsters being landed. In addition, there are a few videos out there showing the sturgeon in height of their spawning activities. This will be the brood that our grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will be enjoying. Kind of crazy once you stop to think about that. These beasts live to be over 100 years old. Just like some of our old salty dog Captains! 

For those of you seasoned River Bend Resort patrons, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce one of our newest updates on the bar and restaurant side. We have moved our table side service to a walk-up order method. We believe this gives all of our guests the opportunity to enjoy their time with us more efficiently. Simply, when ready to order, walk up to the big arrow at the bar. This not only cuts the wait time but also gets your meal to your table quicker. We provide the same friendly service and atmosphere and are serving the same awesome menu you have grown to love and enjoy. This new system sets us apart from others while providing a time saving proven method of taking care of you more professionally. On a side note … ask for a couple of treats we have behind the bar for Miles. He will most likely be waiting for you at your table. Woof!

One last note. If you have been waiting to come give sturgeon fishing a try, we are still running a 35% off regular cabin rates through May 13th. Give a call and let’s get you book for a trip of a lifetime. 


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