Lake of The Woods Fishing Report, MN

Lake of The Woods, MN. Happy Thanksgiving! Especially on this day we give thanks for our blessings no matter how big nor how small as well as for friends and family. We here at River Bend Resort give thanks for all that choose us as their destination to enjoy the bounty that Lake of The Woods provides year-round.

We are progressing into our next season as expected. Though it may seem slow only because we are so excited for it to happen, everything seems to be following year over year trends. Currently ice is beginning to form pretty much all over. 

The bays (4 Mile, Bostic, Zippel) are beginning to build ice all with varying thickness. We still do not consider any of the first ice found within the bays to be safe enough to just go it alone. We strongly encourage everyone to call us or any of the many resorts and ice guides in our area for exact information. Please do NOT try to brave first ice alone. Use the guides and resorts and always follow any of the marked trails. Keep in mind that the ice guides that are building those trails for us to follow, in many cases, will build those trails and groom them by flooding them to make the ice thicker and stronger. 

We are also seeing ice chunks out across Big Travers Bay. This is very encouraging, and we will continue to monitor its progress. Temperatures, wind and of course snow will all play a part in how fast we have safe ice. The Rainy River is pretty much iced over with a translucent thin layer. However open pockets of moving water are everywhere. By late December we should see the Rainy with staked out trails for folks navigating their way. 

We will be ice fishing before you know it. Now is the time to book! River Bend Resort can set you up with just one call to our booking agents. We offer a variety of ice fishing packages that will suit any level of ice fishing experience and will fit any budget. You can find our offerings as well as pricing by clicking this link

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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