Lake of the woods fishing report

Lake of the Woods Fishing Report: Know Before You Go

Much like the seasons, weather and fish patterns change throughout the year. The best way to know exactly what to expect before you head out to Lake of the Woods fishing resorts for your trip is to check the Lake of the Woods fishing report! River Bend Resort has a weekly fishing report that will always keep you informed with changes in the water, fishing tips, and everything in between. 

Weather: Flooding in Minnesota, Ice Conditions, and Everything In Between

One of the biggest reasons that it is suggested to check in with the Lake of the Woods Fishing Report before heading out is to make sure you are prepared for whatever mood Mother Nature decides she is in. We all know she likes to pull some stunts, and we are here to give you the details on all of her shenanigans. Minnesota is known for having a multitude of weather changes (sometimes getting more than 2 seasons worth of weather within one week) and it’s important to be ready for whatever the forecast calls for.Lake of the woods fishing report 

Flooding in Minnesota

Spring and summer flooding in Minnesota is not uncommon, and some years are definitely more drastic than others. At River Bend Resort, we have a bit of an advantage when it comes to Lake of the Woods fishing resorts and flooding as we are situated on high ground and have two docks built high enough that boats can still be easily accessed. The main concern that comes with flooding is floating debris, but as long as you take it easy on the water and pay close attention to navigation, there shouldn’t be much of an issue. Each year, we watch conditions closely and monitor water levels to be certain it’s safe to go out. We make a point of notifying guests of what the water is doing, expected crest levels and dates, and what to expect when you get onto the water.


When it comes to temperatures, Minnesota weather seems to have a hard time figuring out what it’s doing. We are known for needing a sweatshirt on a July morning and peeling off layers by 10:00am and then needing to add layers back on by 8:00pm. Heck, one day could be 60 degrees and rainy and the next could be 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. So, the best way to know what to pack is check in on what the forecast is and what the recent patterns have been. This goes for ice conditions and winter weather, as well. 

Severe Weather

Something that we often get lucky enough to miss, but there is always a chance of happening in the area, is severe weather. Though we may not be able to predict when it’s coming, we can always let our guests know if there is any damage in the aftermath before they come to visit. Blizzards can affect ice conditions, storms can create debris and fallen trees, and wind can create obstacles that weren’t there before. Stay in touch and always know what to expect.

Records Setting Fishing Experiences

Lake of the woods fishing report
One of our favorite parts of our Lake of the Woods Fishing Report is the opportunity to share guests’ experiences! Many of our guests come off the water smiling ear to ear because they just caught a trophy fish and can’t help their excitement. In the past, our guests have set lake records, gotten to meet celebrity anglers, and caught their limits, and we get to hear all about it. It’s always fun listening to the stories they share and seeing the photos of the moments they made that once in a lifetime catch! You can also see the different events that are hosted at our resort throughout the year like fishing tournaments, openers, and sweepstakes. Every week there is something new and exciting to share.

LOW Fishing Report – Fishing Tips

If you have never ventured out on a Lake of the Woods fishing trip or haven’t had much experience in the area, then checking out the LOW fishing report is the best option to learn helpful fishing tips. Our team is always out looking at the patterns of the fish in the water, what lures are hitting the best, and a bunch of other great knowledge for anglers. We have a plethora of tips and tricks that we share with our guests and even have some great gear suggestions for what to add to your tackle box before coming out. 

Weekly Updates to Keep You in the Loop

Whether you have your trip planned and are going to be visiting our Lake of the Woods fishing resort soon or haven’t quite decided and just want to stay in the loop, reading our weekly Lake of the Woods Fishing Report is the best way to stay updated. Get to know the lake, the people, the fish, and all the exciting things happening on the lake every week! You’ll come prepared and see new things to get you even more pumped up for your very own Lake of the Woods fishing adventure!


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