Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

It has been an incredible week of fishing. The high temperatures did slow the bite down overall, but it was hard to convince the anglers landing 32” walleye of that. The bite has steadily picked back up with the big rain front that moved in yesterday. Limits were being boated and many big slot fish being caught and returned. 

Vertical jigging a brightly colored jig tipped with a frozen shiner or live fathead minnow was the go-to early on in the week. Yesterday on the front of the front, one of our boats was in 15ft of water over a mud flat. Capt. D reported that using a spinner harness with a leach had every rod in the boat bent over. Judging by the bag of filets, he wasn’t jerking anyone’s anchor line! We spoke to a few anglers that are up here on a DIY trip staying at River Bend Resort that tried trolling (long lining) crank baits in shallower water. It was reported that the catch was fantastic for not only their keepers to eat, but nice big slot walleye plus a few smallmouth the size of footballs. 

Many captains are finding the large schools 23 – 24 miles out near and around Garden Island in 19 – 29 feet of water. Yet others are finding and catching limits in shallow. And that my friends is the wonderful thing about Lake of The Woods overall as a fishery. No matter how you want to fish, no matter where you want to fish … she will provide a wonderful bounty. Just remember the following rules of thumb (for the most part anyway) 1. Deep water (19-32’) = Jig w/minnow; 2. Shallow (10-15’) = spinner harness with crawler or leach. Shallow (6-9’) = long lining crank #5 crank baits. Using the “rule of thumb” method is where you start and then shake it up from there in order to dial in exactly what these beautiful trophy walleyes want. 

Colors of the week have been gold, pink, red and orange. Try Hammered gold by itself or with another color. Remember that the lake holds a lot of crawfish. So, orange, black and yellow will also work. 

Don’t forget you can book your cabin online or give us a call here at River Bend Resort and one of our booking agents will be more than happy to assist you.

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{ 


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