Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods fishing report March 24, 2022. Warming temperatures bring the thaw of spring, fading memories of ice season past, and a young man’s attention to open water… 

The warm weather quickly melted much of the insulating snow cover. This made for some very serious messy conditions out on the lake. So, the decision was made on Sunday March 20th to officially close our 2021/22 ice season. We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all who fished with us this season. You and your continued business is greatly appreciated. 

There is much anticipation surrounding the Rainy River opening. Currently the spring thaw is chipping away at the ice covering the mighty water way. But to the demise of many anxious anglers, the long winter freeze has this process currently moving at a much slower pace than years past.  

Recent reports are telling of the Rainy River opening at the rate of 3 miles a day. As of March 21st, the open water was resting at mile marker 168. That is approximately 50 miles upriver from the resort. But only 12 miles upriver from the boat launch at Birchdale. Barring any unforeseen downturn in the temperatures, simple math can give you a very good target of when you will be able to launch your boat out of that location.

This is good news for all the anglers that anticipate this time of year. Ice Out trophy fishing is the name of the game for those in the know. Your chances at landing a hog walleye are never better than during the month of April. Fresh open water and walleye that pour into the Rainy River to spawn make the perfect scenario. 

Toss into this equation that you will just happen to be fishing one of the best-known sturgeon fisheries in the United States and you have a phenomenal ice out walleye & sturgeon experience on your hands. Trophies and dinosaurs. No wonder we are one of the hottest destinations this time of year. The “real” spring breakers know what it’s all about. 

To add to the excitement, Sporting Journal Radio is conducting a fishing tournament event and party surrounding their 500th episode. Over $3,000 in cash and prizes will be given away. They are holding the event at River Bend Resort. Participants should arrive on April 4th to compete in the April 5th & 6th Tournament on the Rainy River. Early signup is available. Book your accommodations early as we anticipate things filling up quickly. We have cabins and rooms at the Walleye Inn. More information and details can be found by clicking this LINK.

River Bend Resort is offering a spring rate discount on all lodging and cabins during this time and throughout the entire spring season – up to the season opener on May 14th, 2022. One Call Gets You Away From It All! 

In addition, we do offer online booking for those who wish to do so. Please keep in mind that if you should experience any difficulty with our online system, we are a simple phone call away from getting you set up and fishing with us on beautiful Lake of The Woods. 

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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