Lake of The Woods Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods Minnesota: The past week has put more ice across the bays, river, and lake. It’s being reported that most of the bays have an average of 5 – 7” but some spots were found with only 1 – 3”. Please be careful and use a resort or guide service for the early ice. The spearing houses should be running on Zippel Bay as well as Bostic Bay soon if not already. 

Keep in mind that the resorts and ice guides are out on the ice daily checking conditions and thickness, avoiding any obstacles that could make the ice weak or completely unsafe.  So, when you find yourself out using one of their posted roads or trails, it is vitally important not to stray away from them. It is a matter of not only your safety but the safety of others that may have to be called in to save you. 

The weather forecast is looking great for building more ice. Low to mid 30’s during the day and down in the 20’s at night. We have had a few blow days with 20 mph winds. The winds have seemingly not affected the ice building process as we thought it would. 

Give us a call if you are wanting to come up for the early spearing season. Our restaurant and bar are currently closed for deep cleaning and getting ready for the ice season, but we still have comfortable cabins with full and well-appointed kitchens available for a nightly rate until we fully open later this month. Speaking of that, we are planning to open our doors at Miles Lab Bar & Grill on Friday December 10th, 2021. Because Mother Nature has her own plans, and we are trying to accommodate our guests based upon the weather and ice conditions, please call ahead or check in with our Facebook for continued updates regarding our opening and hours. 

We will be ice fishing before you know it. Now is the time to book! River Bend Resort can set you up with just one call to our booking agents. We offer a variety of ice fishing packages that will suit any level of ice fishing experience and will fit any budget. You can find our offerings as well as pricing by clicking this link

Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{


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