Lake of the Woods Fish

Meet the Lake of the Woods Fish: Part One

Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River are known for their bountiful waters, making it one of the top Minnesota destinations for fishing year-round. Fishing enthusiasts from all over visit us at River Bend Resort for a once in a lifetime fishing experience that can only be found on these incredible bodies of water. Rainy River offers great trolling opportunities with the variation in depth as well as the perfect waters for multiple species of fun catches to inhabit. Meanwhile, Lake of the Woods’ large body allows for a vast array of underwater habitats housing an equally vast array of fish and offers incredible views to boot. Come along with us as we introduce just a few of our favorite Lake of the Woods fish that create that unique fishing experience for all of our guests. 

Searching For Walleye

Lake of the Woods FishWhen it comes to fishing in the great north, Walleye have always been a staple. It’s a fantastic fish for cooking and is one of the most fun and challenging fish to catch due to their athleticism. Among the perch family, these fish may be smaller than the monster sturgeon and northern in our waters, but anglers love searching for walleye because they always put up a good fight. 

Named due to their cloudy-looking eyes, these fish have great vision in the dark, and their spiny dorsal fins and a large mouth full of sharp teeth make them easily recognizable. Because of their phenomenal vision in the dark, the best place to find them during the day is in deeper waters or under logs and vegetation. Their feeding hours are usually around dusk and dawn, so when searching for walleye, it’s best to have an early start to the day or stay out as the sun sets on the horizon. 

The Difference in Whitefish vs Tullibee

Lake of the Woods FishThere are a lot of people that ask what is the difference between whitefish and tullibee, and technically, there isn’t. Throughout the years, like many other fish, the whitefish has acquired a few different names. Early settlers discovered these small, narrow fish with a white color all throughout waters in Canada and the northern states of the United States. Belonging to the salmon and trout family, the most common “umbrella” terms for these fish have come to be ‘lake herring’ and ‘whitefish’. Though, they have also been called ‘cisco’ and ‘tullibee’. Historically, the larger of the fish have been referred to as ‘whitefish’ while the smaller ones have been referred to as ‘cisco,’ and the fish that tend to frequent shallower waters without a school are often called ‘lake herring.’ Tullibee has since become a far less common name used for whitefish, and locals in the Lake of the Woods area tend to be most fond of the term ‘cisco.’ 

Well-known for their debuts in the kitchen, these flavorful fish tend to travel in schools deep in the pockets of large lakes. Considering the vast size and deep, cool waters of Lake of the Woods, these bottom-dwelling fish are a bountiful fan favorite amongst anglers. Due to their small mouths, smaller bait tends to work well, but make sure that you sink your hook lower as the day grows warmer. Whitefish tend to only move into shallower waters during the nighttime hours. They may be smaller in size, but if you are looking to bring your fish back to the kitchen or grill, these Lake of the Woods fish are definitely a catch you won’t want to miss. 

Sturgeon Fishing Minnesota

One of the largest and most well-known Lake of the Woods fish is the renowned lake sturgeon. These fish are truly monsters of the deep in looks and size.

Lake of the Woods Fish

 Resembling something you may see in a classic dinosaur movie and growing to sizes upwards of six-feet and two hundred pounds, lake sturgeon are a staple among anglers in the northernmost states. The earliest fossilized remains found of these bony fish dates back two million years, making them a living piece of history and one monster catch that fishers from all over hope to one day reel into their boat. Male sturgeon tend to live until the age of about fifty-five years, while females are known to live until roughly one hundred and fifty years. Considering the ages of many of these fish, there is often a wide variety in size and the lifespans also allow for them to continue growing to monstrous proportions. 

Lake sturgeon are an easily recognizable Lake of the Woods fish due to a lack of scales and instead boast a coarse layer of skin. They have very long bodies with spiny ridges running along their topline, bottom line, and along each of their sides, a shark-like tail fin, and a mouth located on the bottoms of their head rather than on the front like most fresh-water fish. They also tend to have a diet of a wide variety with having been known to eat anything from crayfish, mussels, snails, small invertebrates, and many other creatures that dwell on the lake floors. These bottom-dwelling fish are massive and are definitely one of the Lake of the Woods fish that you will not want to miss your chances at wrangling. There is no question why sturgeon fishing Minnesota waters is so popular. 

Discover the Lake of the Woods Fish for Yourself

Though these three fish are incredible on their own, there is a vast array of other species that can be found when you head out on the water with us at River Bend Resort. Grab your fishing gear, and get ready to embark on a fishing adventure you are sure to remember forever. Meet these fascinating catches along with all of the other Rainy River and Lake of the Woods fish while having the time of your life out on the water. Check out our website for lodging options, fishing packages, and dining; along with even more information on all of the fishing adventures offered here at River Bend Resorts. Your next memorable fishing trip is only a click away!


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