Ice Fishing Report

February 25, 2021

A warm up triggered some nice big walleyes and saugers this week.  A mix of walleyes and saugers with some pike, perch, eelpout and tullibees still being caught in 29-33 feet.  As reported before, using a bait with rattles or vibration to attract fish is helpful.  On the deadstick, a glow hook with a live minnow or even a glow bead above the hook seems to be the ticket.  Set your rig about 6 inches to a foot off of the bottom.  Try gold, glow colors, chartreuse and pink good color choices this week.  Electronics are helpful to show suspended fish as well as how fish are reacting to your presentation.

Though we are entering into the last weeks of our ice season, there are plenty of opportunity’s for you to book a trip here at River Bend Resort. Give us a call 1-800-292-3084 or scroll to the top of the page and go our ice fishing page for more information. 

Ice Fishing Tip of The Week With Tony Boshold


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