How to Ice Fish Lake of the Woods

Minnesota Fishing Tips: How to Ice Fish Lake of the Woods

Minnesota is known for a plethora of things with the main attraction typically falling on the many lakes dotting the land throughout the state. Here at River Bend Resort, we are located on one of the best fishing lakes in the state, Lake of the Woods. The northern geography of the lake creates the perfect conditions for ice fishing. Lake of the Woods walleye ice fishing is especially popular considering the abundance of these athletic fish within the waters. If you are thinking about embarking on your very own winter adventure with us, we would like to share some tips and tricks on how to ice fish Lake of the Woods and help you get ready for the adventure ahead!

Ice Fishing Made Easy

When you set out on an ice fishing trip on your own, you are usually left with the duties of scoping out a spot to drill a hole, drill, and set up your equipment. Here at River Bend Resort, we take the work out of the fishing trip for you so that you can relax and enjoy your adventure to its fullest. Our experienced guides take the time to find the best places to drill and create new holes so that each guest has the best chance of pulling up their limit in fish and find that monster catch we all dream about reeling in. 

By booking your ice fishing trip with River Bend Resort, you won’t have to worry about anything other than dropping your hook into the water and waiting for that exhilarating tug on your line. Our guides will also be available to answer any questions that you may have on how to fish Lake of the Woods. You can also follow this link for helpful safety tips for being out on the ice to ensure you have a safe and successful adventure.

What to Bring Along

For ice fishing, the equipment used is a bit different than warm weather fishing in the open water. Considering ice fishing tends to be in closer quarters and you are working with a much smaller space to pull fish through, ice fishing poles are considerably shorter. We do have equipment rental options if you do not have your own; however, it is always nice to have equipment that you know you are comfortable using all day long. 

Since you will be out on the water for a considerable portion of the day, a few comfort items to bring along are food and drink of your choice to keep you satisfied throughout the day. We also offer meal plans for those that want to experience all of the best aspects of fishing with River Bend Resort. Warm clothing is also a must considering conditions can be pretty chilly when you are sitting out on the ice. We do have sleeper houses available that are equipped with heaters, but when you step outside, you will be exposed to the winter air and will want to have on a few warm layers. Waterproof or water-resistant clothing is also always a plus since some of the fish that you pull up will give you a good challenge and will likely splash around as you reel them in through the ice hole. Gloves will especially help with this as it tends to be easiest to hand pull your line up depending on what lands your hook. 

Tips on How to Ice Fish Lake of the Woods

Here is where we get into a little more detail on how to ice fish Lake of the Woods. When open water fishing the water is warmer and fish can more easily feed on bugs and other things that are closer to the surface so you may not have to sink your line as deep. When ice fishing, you will want to send your line to just a few feet above the bottom of the lake. Fish will stay lower in the water as the temperature is far more habitable the deeper you go. Though there is no trolling in ice fishing, it is still exciting to get that tug on your line and begin slowly pulling the fish up by reeling until the fish comes closer to the hole. You will soon be able to see the fish and pull the line by hand gathering it to avoid the line from breaking on the ice’s edge. 

The best items to have on your hook for ice fishing tend to be jigs and spoons with bright colors that are more likely to reflect light and attract fish. Some anglers even use lures that have a glow in the dark effect. Minnows and waxworms are great bait to use as well. You can follow this link for even more pointers on popular lures used in ice fishing. 

Lake of the Woods Lodging

Now that we have covered how to ice fish Lake of the Woods, let’s get into the accommodations that we have available for your stay. At the River Bend Resort, you will be able to stay in our cozy cabin-style lodging with transportation out onto the ice and the nearby dining available at Miles Lab Bar and Grill. If you prefer a hotel stay, you can find comfortable accommodations at our Walleye Inn. For those that want a fully immersive Minnesota ice fishing experience, we also have sleeper houses available so that you can stay out on the ice all day and all night long. Our Lake of the Woods sleeper houses are perfect for stepping outside and peering up into the night sky for the best view of the stars and northern lights. Visit our website to view the different Lake of the Woods fishing packages that we offer, along with all of the different Lake of the Woods lodging options that we have available. You can also give us a call to get started on booking your memorable Lake of the Woods Ice fishing adventure! 


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