Fishing Report

February 18, 2021

Despite the cold weather Mother Nature has tossed our way, some great fishing is being reported this week. The trophy walleye are aggressive. Its back to the basics as we enter into the last month of the 2021 ice season. A nice mix of walleyes and saugers are still being caught in 29-33 feet.  The cold weather made some of the fish less active, so coaxing them was key.  Using a jigging line in one hole with lures that put out vibration or noise was helpful.  That combined with a deadstick in your second hole with a glow jig and a minnow.  Keep the jigging line moving to attract fish.  Try gold, glow white, glow red, wonderbread and pink.  Lures that glow, having a glow stick or making noise is once again effective.

One thing is for sure, the fish of the pristine and picturesque waters of Lake of the Woods Minnesota never received any of the Covid-19 memos. You read that right folks. The unmasked, fined, golden eye still dine on what you are tossing at them. Whether it’s a quick trip to the surface and back into the icy waters you go or a more intimate ride home for a swim in Crisco Lake, they are still here. And they all still want to eat.

Ice Fishing Tip Of The Week With Tony Boshold


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