Romantic getaways in mn

The Best Autumn Romantic Getaways in MN for Fishing Fanatics

Nothing says romance quite like a crisp fall morning on the lake with the one you love. Beautiful hues of reds and golds reflecting off the rippling waters like a painting brought to life while casting out with the one you love is the perfect recipe for one of the best romantic getaways in MN that you could imagine. Enjoy all of the best aspects of fall while experiencing the best fall fishing in MN in one place at River Bend Resort to create lasting memories with your favorite person. 

Couples That Fish Together, Stay Together

Romantic getaways in mnWhen it comes to romantic getaways in MN, a fishing trip is perfect for the couple that loves adventure, the great outdoors, and challenging each other to who can get the best catch of the day. Autumn is one of the best seasons for fishing in Minnesota. Along with spectacular views, just about every exciting species of fish are in season and just waiting to bite! From monster sturgeon to challenging bass, each bite could be something different and exciting. You will also get to experience more time on the water as cooler days present better water temperatures for fish to remain searching for their meal throughout the day. 

Something for Every Couple

Romantic getaways in mnNot only will you find the best fall fishing in MN at River Bend Resort, you will find an abundance of other fun adventures to embark on together! Explore the breathtaking landscapes and discover just why so many add northern Minnesota to their list of must-sees. With postcard-worthy views, one of the best places to explore while staying with River Bend Resort is Zippel Bay State Park. Hike through colorful trails and soak in beautiful views along the Lake of the Woods coastline. There are also plenty of options for when you are ready to put the fishing gear down like catching a movie at The Grand Theater or playing a round of golf at the Oak Harbor Golf Course. After a long day of adventures and fishing, be sure to enjoy a delicious meal and refresh with a cold beverage at Miles Lab Bar right here at the resort! No matter what you decide to do, you will be sure to experience one of the best romantic getaways in MN at River Bend Resort. 

Making Memories That Last

From fall colors to reeling in an array of fish, northern Minnesota is easily one of the top destinations for couples to make memories that will last forever. Pack your bags and reconnect at River Bend Resort for one of the most unforgettable romantic getaways in MN you can find. Add Lake of the Woods and Baudette, Minnesota to your bucket list and head up north for an incredible adventure with your significant other that neither of you will ever forget! Don’t forget to take a few photos along the way, because this is one trip that both of you will want to look back on for years to come. 


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