Best Time to Fish Lake of the Woods

Fall Fishing in Minnesota: The Best Time to Fish Lake of the Woods

As autumn begins to greet us here at River Bend Resort, we are gearing up for the best time to fish Lake of the Woods. Though summers are fantastic for wrangling northern, walleye, and other popular fish from the waters, the fall season offers much more than just what bites at your line. From colorful views morphing from vibrant greens to rich golds and reds, to calm nights offering cooler weather that’s perfect for sitting around the fire with your loved ones, there’s a long list of reasons why fall fishing in Minnesota is one experience you won’t want to miss!

Perks of Fall Fishing in Minnesota


Best Time to Fish Lake of the WoodsSummertime is great for getting out on the water on a hot day, but when high noon hits, the fish tend to swim deeper into cooler waters making it more difficult to get a bite. The days are gorgeous, but midday fishing during the summer months tend to be less fruitful. However, when autumn brings cooler weather to the upper midwest, the waters are at a much more comfortable temperature and create the perfect opportunity for midday catches. Fall fishing in Minnesota allows you to head out in the early morning with a light jacket, and then simply shed a layer or two as the day progresses while continuing to reel in your fill of river monsters. 

Reach for the Walleye Limit on Rainy River

Fall on Rainy River offers something special for anglers that don’t mind casting a line in chillier weather. Pack your best walleye gear and head out onto the waters for the chance to pull out the walleye of a lifetime! Each fall, walleye fanatics head to the Rainy River to find out just why it’s the best season to fish in Lake of the Woods and on our favorite river. During the autumn months, walleye in Rainy River decide to swim upstream, and many believe it is to search for a favored food that tends to be more abundant this time of year; emerald shiners. These little fish must be a tasty snack because the walleye love, so lures that resemble these shiny little fish are sure to snag you the walleye of your dreams. You can follow this link to learn even more about the fall fishing habits of walleye on

 the Rainy River.  With varying water levels throughout the river, you can easily troll from spot to spot in search of the honey hole and pull in your walleye limit on Rainy River and enjoy the unique fishing experience that this incredible waterway offers all day long! 

Lake of the Woods Resorts

The changing of seasons in Minnesota also offers an incredibly unique experience all on its own. Along with an abundance of fishing opportunities, you will be able to embark on a fall advent

ure you will never forget at our Lake of the Woods resort. The views are an especially breathtaking encounter that you will never forget. As the leaves change, the already stunning landscapes of Northern Minnesota turn into fall scenery that look as though they came straight from a postcard. Vibrant hues of oranges, golds, and reds replace the lush greenery of summer and reflect off the rippling water to form an image of dancing colors that are sure to leave you in awe. 

The unique accommodations that we offer here at River Bend Resort are the finishing touch to the ultimate Minnesota fall fishing adventure. 

Best Time to Fish Lake of the Woods

Enjoy the cozy cabin rentals available at the main resort that offers fantastic dining at Miles Lab Bar & Grill with patio views and easy access to all of the fun things to do in Lake of the Woods and Baudette, Minnesota. If you are looking for a more immersive experience that will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life while enjoying the great outdoors to its fullest extent, check out our secluded Sleepy Lagoon accommodations. You can pull your boat into your own private slip and have an entire island to yourself! Wake up each morning and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while looking out over the lake and get ready for your Minnesota fall fishing adventure as you soak up the great north. 

There are so many reasons that we love the autumn months that we could go on forever, but the best way to see why fall is the best time to fish Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River is to come and experience it yourself! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or visit our website and book your stay at River Bend Resort for your very own fall excursion to the great Minnesota north. We offer an array of packages, and when you visit our fishing packages page, you may just find a special offer. This is one fishing adventure you are sure to remember forever!


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