ATV trails in Minnesota

Finding the Best UTV and ATV Trails in Minnesota

When most people think of Minnesota, it’s typically a pattern of fishing, hiking, and Paul Bunyan, but one adventure that is often overlooked is the plethora of UTV and ATV trails in Minnesota. The Lake of the Woods area is home to some of the most beautiful natural forestry in Minnesota and is full of trails that take you through various northern landscapes for a wild ride. Discover the best of Northern Minnesota up close while letting your need for speed run free with a trip full of kicking the dust up on miles of trails.

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When you head north in Minnesota, you notice that the suburbs and open farm fields begin to morph into gorgeous lake and forest areas. It only gets better the further north you go, so naturally, the northernmost region around Lake of the Woods has breathtaking landscapes just waiting to be explored. With miles of trails snaking through northern Minnesota, there is no shortage of adventure to be found here. From ATV to side by side trails in Minnesota, we have it all. You will be able to enjoy easy-going and tougher trails with twists, turns, and varying terrains. Head out early in the morning and drive all day long. 

Where to Find Northern MN ATV Trails

ATV trails in MinnesotaThere are several areas where you can find northern MN ATV trails around the Baudette and Lake of the Woods area. One popular destination is the Beltrami Island State Park. You will find class 1 and 2 ATV trails on over 65,000 acres of forestland. Another place is Pine Island State Forest for over 850,000 acres of trails running through peatlands, shrub swamp, and river country. When it comes to getting to and finding trails that allow off-highway vehicles, all state forest trails are accessible unless posted as restricted. You can check the MN DNR and check out this ATV trail site for more information to make sure you have all the bases covered before heading out. 

Navigating and Trail Etiquette

Before you get revved up for hitting the best ATV trails in Minnesota, there are a few good things to keep in mind. Not all trails are rated for UTV travel, so it is always important to check trailheads and maps for class specifications. You don’t want to be caught on a trail that is too narrow without a turn around. Some areas don’t always have classes marked, so there are apps like the Polaris Ride Command app that can be downloaded to figure out what routes you want to take. This is a great way to stay on the best trails and even find local spots along the way. 

ATV trails in MinnesotaA few etiquette tips:

  • Stay to the right of the trail for oncoming traffic and always abide by trail signs. Many trails cross driveways and roads, so making sure you follow signs ensures you make it back safely. 
  • When passing other vehicles on the trails, you should always let the oncoming riders know how many of you there are. If you are by yourself, hold up a closed hand to let them know you are solo. If you have a group of 5 or more and are leading the group, hold your open hand up and have those behind you count down. 
  • Pack the essentials. Obviously it’s easy to head out for a full day on the trails, so it’s important to pack a few things for it. A tow strap is something you won’t want to be without if you don’t have a winch. Snacks and beverages are always good to have on hand. A travel first aid kit and a few extra tools should always be on board just in case. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Especially if you happen to break down miles from where you’re staying. 

Endless Adventures on ATV Trails in Minnesota

If you are looking for a fun adventure, look no further than the plethora of ATV trails in Minnesota and Lake of the Woods. Spend the day exploring trails, hop on a boat to cast a line, or explore the local Baudette Minnesota tourism! You can find everything a hop and a skip away from River Bend Resort and more! The adventure never ends when you head for northern Minnesota. 


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